Monday, 25 October 2010

A heavenly find

Hi you.

In a post last week I discussed the idea of 'shopping at home'. But, for today's post, I thought I'd put on my winter coat, cross the doorstep, brave the late October air and show you something I bought whilst shopping a few hundred metres from home instead:

I found her in her original box: ... for 75p, on the shelf of my local charity shop.

Despite spending much of this year trawling the second-hand shops, carboot sales and collectors fairs of any town we've passed through, until a fortnight ago I'd never bothered to seek treasures the charity shop in the town square I can just about see from my bedroom window.

Perverse. I know.

But now that I've broken my duck there [metaphorically speaking] I can see it being added to the list of 'must do' things in the square, right along-side scooping up a necessary vanilla slice and having my buns pinched [which is not quite as bad as it sounds ...].

Because, if there's a chance of picking up anything nearly as cute as she: Then how could I risk missing out?

To my eyes and in her own kitschy blue-eyeshadow way - she's a beauty:
And she makes me grateful that, for the effort of brisk 5 minute walk uphill, I can be rewarded with cream cakes, fresh bread and the occasional kitschy Christmas cutie!

How about you? What treats await you just over your doorstep?

Julie :-)


  1. Oh! She is gorgeous! She reminds me of a smaller version I have myself. Every year on the 1st December, I put up an enormous Christmas Tree in my classroom. My mum gave me a tin of old decorations to use on it, and I was merrily going through, putting them on the tree a couple of years ago when I found my lovely Christmas angel, complete with blue eyeshadow and a dress made from the same plastic as Quality Street sweeties, and it instantly transported me back to the late 70s/early 80s Christmasses of my childhood. Of course, she instantly got pride of place and all the children were forbidden to touch her!

  2. Ahhh! She has great personality - just like her owner!

  3. Like you I have a charity shop (or two!) 5 mins from my door.....along with a yummy cake shop, stationer and art shop. Heaven :)

    Do share more of your bargain finds. She looks in remarkably good condition.

  4. She looks fabulous. I love charity shop finds. I especially love charity shops that are higgledy-piggledy and you have to rummage to find stuff. I don't like them so much now they're getting all modern and shop-like, and selling lots of new stuff too. Kind of takes the fun out of it! x

  5. Ah, blue eye shadow..

    I just love the fact she came in a box.

  6. She reminds me of my first Sindy with all that blue eye shadow, definitely a 60's girl. Great find in the square.

  7. she'd look great at the top of the christmas tree! what a deal!

  8. She is gorgeous and I love the fact she is boxed and so intact :)

    I live across the road from a pub which offers treats of a rather drunk (but fun) kind lol


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