Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Mysterious Tale of the Haunted Aerial

It's the morning of Halloween ... a cold day with a low white mist rolling in across the hills ...

James comes in from the garden with the instruction: "Go outside, walk to the bottom of the garden, turn around and look up at the roof".

Dubious at first [mainly due to the cold!] I eventually do as I'm bidden.

I go outside. I walk to the bottom of the garden [which must take me all of 10 steps!]. I turn around to inspect the roof anticipating some money-draining-gaping-hole-in-roof-disaster ... but instead ....

... I'm greeted by a ghostly white entity, gently fluttering in the cold morning air. A pale, amorphous presence settled upon our TV aerial:

The Haunted Aerial

"Is it a ghost?" I ask.

"No" he replies, "It's a shirt":

The Haunted Aerial

And he goes on, in rational-man-speak ... "It probably got caught in the vortex of our drive, which took it higher and higher, then a crosswind blew it across and it got stuck."

"Oh". I reply.

"Will it do any damage up there?".

"Probably not. If it doesn't come down on it's own, I could always get it with a ladder and a big stick".

"Good" I say "Because then I can make a brooch out of it."

Just then, a car pulls up next-door and our neighbours' 6 year old grandson gets out. Through the fence we hear a small voice declaring:

"Look Nanna! A ghost!"

... just as I'd suspected ...

Happy Halloween!



  1. lol. Glad to hear that you had your cool, calm head on, and planned to make a brooch out of it rather than being scared in case it was a ghost. On maybe a ghost left it there? x

  2. love that- it does look like a ghost, or at least something that would make people stop and say, what is that?! especially on halloween night!

  3. Ectoplasm - nothing like it for attracting attention! Are you still being haunted, or has it Moved On? :)

  4. You've got to wonder who left it behind. And is he coming back for it..


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