Monday 1 November 2010

My Month in Numbers: October

Hello you.

Hello November. Are you planning to be just the 30 days long then? Because I think October snuck in two extra weeks on me. It was a long month. Very long.

How come July didn't feel like that? Or any of the warm, lovely, working-from-home months in the summer? Mmm? How come? I think it's a conspiracy ...

But before I get carried away ... at least I managed to collect some numbers during the unfeasibly long month ... and these are they:

4 = the number of weeks I've had back at the day job [do you think that can explain why the month felt oh so very looooooong?].

£4 = The price paid for [yes, yet another] vintage bird ornament:
Splendid. Wouldn't you say? [btw, however you just answered that question - I'm going to pretend you said "Yes, he's entirely splendid Julie, and for only £4 plus P+P he's a veritable lustre-ware jewel and you're an amazing treasure hunter" ... just so you know.]
And ... in case you needed any additional convincing of my treasure hunting capacities ...

99p = the amount I paid for the vintage pheasant who as I type, is winging his way to me all the way from ebay-land.

2 = the number of witches and 4 = the number of zombies who attended the Halloween party organised by my Mam and sister ... [my sister is the wicked tooth fairy being sneaked up on by our zombie mother dearest below]:
But, there was only 1 pumpkin:
Although you wouldn't believe how long it could take to perfect a stalk sprouting from the top of your head!

As for the dress ... well, despite what some people at the party seemed to think, I didn't buy it originally as a costume. No, I bought it mainly because I liked it and it was in the summer sale: However I will admit that I was swayed a little by the idea that, eventually, it could form the basis of a great Halloween scrapbook layout! Plus it helped me get over the other associations it's vivid colour first stirred in me ... namely that while wearing it, I could be mistaken for someone from either Guantanamo bay or the Hare Krishna movement. And I'm neither.

But in spite of this ... I do still plan on wearing it on non-costumed occasions because orange dresses are for life, not just Halloween!

2 = the number of decorating jobs which, after a period of several years, have finally been tackled in our dining room and kitchen.1 eternal mystery = why James decided that amid the turmoil of the re-plastering re-decorating, now was a good time to make meringues for the first time: !!!???

Maybe it was the sight of that plaster and filler that gave him the idea?

5 = the number of packets of Midget Gems which I decided needed emptying out into one bowl so that, after having been in a drawer since James's birthday in May, they'd finally get eaten. And my plan appears to have worked ...

A few dozen = the amount of Midget Gems left at the end of the month:
However, there were enough left in the bowl to catch the eye of the professional photographer from my local paper who came to take photographs of me and my some of my handmade projects ....

1 = the number of midget gems eaten by the photographer whose photos are going to accompany a feature on the 12 Days online classes which Kirsty and I are beginning again this week!

6.5 hours = how long I had to prepare [mentally, physically and cosmetically] for the photo session at my house.

And, while I'm sure that sounds like a reasonable amount of time to get ready ... please bear in mind that for 5 of those 6.5 hours I was actually in work and had to rush back, straighten up my craft room and curl my hair!

2418 = the number of Tweets I reached on Twitter. One of which was vital in attracting the attention of the journalist who wanted to write-up the 12 Days feature! I love Twitter!

Speaking of 12 Days ...

100 = the number of postcards we had printed:
... in order to spread the word around the non-virtual world [if you can remember such a place ...?].

So there we have it, the sum total of another month. A month which ended in a more relaxed place than when it began ... and what more can anyone ask?

As with every Month in Numbers post I write, I'm always waiting for you to throw a few of your own statistics into the equation too ... so if you feel like sharing then leave me a number or 2 of your own in the comments below.

Right then, I'd better step out of the way .... there's a November about to rush right by ...

Julie :-)


  1. I knew you would be a stylish pumpkin :) Looking forward to seeing the vintage pheasant. Where are you keeping this collection of birds?

  2. Thanks Amanda!

    Where I'm keeping them is a good question ... the wall mounted ones I bought will eventually get off the sideboard, where they're currently lounging, and go on the wall. As for the others .. they're slowly pushing out other non-bird shaped ornaments!

  3. May I say what a fabulous pumpkin you make?

    I'm going to have to eat my words about Twitter one of these days and get stuck in, aren't I?

  4. Is this the orange dress we're going to see IRL at Skipton? I just love your month of numbers I can barely remember the days never mind associate numbers to them!

  5. @Sian - why thank you! And yes, you should join Twitter - it's so much fun. Thinking of doing a few blog posts on it to share soem of the interesting uses [like getting in a local paper!!] I've found for it.

    @Jan - yes - you have the pleasure of meeting the pumpkin dress in real life in a few days time! Can't wait. x

  6. Hurrah for the orangey pumpkiness! I must say your stalk is a rather magnificent addition.
    I fear you may have out-costumed my snowman jumpsuit. :)

  7. Oh Julie I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, I've been loving reading yours!! :) I can honestly say I'd never realised how much work it would take to become a realistic pumpkin - that stalk is genius! And I have a husband like yours, has sweets, easter eggs, chocolate for birthdays, easter etc and doesn't eat them, but if you put them out in a bowl, or on the side in the kitchen for supper, he finally remembers he likes them lol

  8. ps any encouragement to use Twitter gratefully received, I'm not a user yet but beginning to see the possibilities


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