Wednesday 3 November 2010

Meet the gang

Hi, hi, hi.

In honour of tomorrow being the first day of class in the 12 Days online crafting workshops I'm running with Kirsty [Neale], and seeing as how we've been fortunate enough to have lots of lovely new participants sign-up this year, I thought I'd write a post about some of my acquaintances ... starting with a very recent one ...

Can you spot her? Bottom corner; second from the left? Maybe you can just make out the box beneath the flying angels?

The new home of the kitsch Christmas angel I showed you last month is the top of my shelving unit, snuggled up against the wooden nutcracker from my childhood.

And while settling her in to her new home up there I was reminded me the post I wrote about my new shelves in which I mentioned that I should probably introduce you to all the little folk who live amongst the spray inks, embossing powders and general 'stuff' in my craft room.

I'd already captured some of them on this layout some time ago: But consider this your formal introduction:
Remove formatting from selection[NB: If you're scrutinising this photo and wondering why I have a bottle of hair conditioner amongst my treasured friends then really, you're going to have to read my Month in Numbers for last March. I can't promise it'll make complete sense afterwards .. but it's a start ...].

OK then, let me introduce you to another angel who, like my recent kitschy cutie, was also a charity shop find:Except this one was found by James's Grandpa who took it home, lovingly sanded and repainted it and placed her in pride of place on top of a carriage clock on their mantlepiece for the next 30 years. We're very proud to be taking care of her in our home now.

As for this little poppet: He/she? was a handmade gift from my sister Jo several years ago and I just find that handstitched face completely adorable. I have a talented big sis. Feel free to agree with me ... and maybe together, we can set her into full-blown production of cute stuffed creatures!

Like this one ... He's a little chap, who I think looks right at home cosied up with the adorable velvety creature Jo made me, which I bought for James last Christmas.

Please note: that's 'bought for James' not 'knitted'. Me no knit. Me not inclined to take on yet another craft right now thankyouverymuch!].

On now to the Lady of Lourdes figurine who is certainly no fake kitschy nik-nak. No, she's the real thing and is indeed filled with holy water:I think she was a gift from my late [really great] Great Auntie Dot.

Throughout my childhood Dot's home housed a fascinating cast of Catholic characters which included everything from a statue of The Infant Jesus on the window ledge to a nun in the back bedroom.

A real nun.

Now from the sublime .... to the ridiculous ...

I'd like you to meet Collie and Dinkton Wallis - two of the Heroes of Burgertown :

[Do you think that to think that Collie is looking so perturbed because I choose to store sticky tapes on his head?]

They're part of range of figures designed by artist Jon Burgerman. a man with whom I spent an interesting summer a couple of years back corresponding with in an attempt to convince him to design a range of scrapbooking items.

And, do you know something? I think I had him interested for a while ... and while he never quite dived headlong into scrappy-ville ... he did bring out a colour-in wallpaper which is almost the same thing!

So, consider yourself well and truly introduced to my pack. It would seem polite now for you to tell me about some of the noteable folk in your life ...

Whether they're cute and velvety, small and plasticky, filled with holy water, covered in fur ... or ... [dare I say it?] even real people, I'd love to meet them.

Over to you ...

J :-)

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  1. And what a colourful and characterful gang they are! Looking forward to seeing who is going to turn up next :). I, also, have only one about whom I have already blogged. Oh, well, I guess there are The Faceless Ones...


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