Tuesday 16 November 2010

Overheard: You know who I mean. Big woman. Spiky hair.

Hi again. How about another little something I overheard on campus [if it makes you wonder about the competence of University students in this country I can only apologise ...].

I was in a room where the students were working on altering stock-images using PhotoShop when, presumably after having named and saved the document she was working on, one female student did a spot of fact-checking amongst her friends ...

Student 1: What do you call that woman anyway?

Student 2: That? It's The Statue of Liberty.

Hannah and the halo.

Student 1: Oh. I just called her 'New York woman'.

Nothing much I can add to that is there?

[My photo is my friend Hannah ... who likes to put things on her head. And who reminded me of that New York woman in this shot!]



  1. ...mmmmmm you really have to wonder don't you? - The Student that is not Hannah.

  2. Ah, makes you wonder how they ever get a place at uni...

    My favourite place to overhear stuff is in a queue. People kind of forget they are in a public place when they're queuing. It must be some kind of psychological thing that makes us retreat into our own world... Anyway, people say such funny things when they're chatting to their friends or family in a queue; and very often you tune in half-way through the conversation (because, you know, it's not polite to eavesdrop), just as they say something very odd/funny, which is more funny for being out of context.
    Stuff like, "Oh, you know... it's blue. Well, not blue exactly. It's that blue that looks like green."

  3. Your posts usually make me laugh, but your 'overheard' posts just crack me up. I agree with the previous comment - one of my favourite comedy sketches of all time is a Victoria Wood one, where she is queueing in a self-service cafeteria and it is full of classic lines like "dare I crash by, I'm a diabetic", and "do you know, prawns tread water outside sewage outlet pipes - they love it!"

  4. I really do love your 'overheards' and I'm going to pay special attention on campus, so that I can send you some of my 'choicer' ones x


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