Monday, 29 November 2010

If chance will have me King, why, chance may crown me ...

OK, now that I've got the Shakespeare [Macbeth] quote out of my head and into my post title .. I'll move on ...

I had half a snow day today. Which is to say I only worked in the morning as the University decided to close at 1pm due to the sheer amount of snow we've had.

Trust me ... there's nothing half about the snow itself. Even now where I wait with baited breath to see if I get a full white-stuff day off tomorrow. [Fingers crossed!].

But today, rather than run home to make snow angels in the back garden, I was good and stayed in town to start my Christmas shopping. And while mooching around The Works I spotted this little gem amongst the super-cheap jewellery:

Crown ring

It cost £1:00 ... so I didn't need to debate for too long whether or not to buy it.

And, while it does actually fit my finger:

Crown ring

I mainly had this sort of thing in mind when I bought it:

Crown ring

It really does make a splendid crown for the little porcelain head I found at a carboot sale for 50p in the summer.

So, if you have a branch of The Works near you, and you like making shrines or angels or any altered characters [yes, I do mean you Effie!] you might want to rush down there and buy up the remaining stock of crown/rings ...

... weather permitting!

Take care out there.

Julie x


  1. What a find, a real treasure and she looks so cute in her new headwear.

  2. Oh! We have no The Works here. It's such a lovely little thing I would definitely have been checking them out. Well spotted.

  3. Top tip Julie - not only are your posts entertaining, but informative too - better than most of what the beeb has to offer!

  4. I just love the way your mind works x

  5. Oh, I may have to track one down at our Works - I need to make a tree fairy this year and that would be a cute tiara...


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