Friday, 1 April 2011

Art Journal Challenge: Week 12


I'm not here. I'm brought to you today via a scheduled post. You'll see why this particualr fact is ironic in a moment ...

As I've been off work for a fortnight I managed to complete Week 12 of the UKStampers' Art Journal Challenge almost immediately. Not only did I have an idea of what it was I wanted to do ... I actually had the time to do it! 

The prompt this week was 'Home' and what it means to you - and here's my response: 
The first thing that occurred to me was that home is my 'port in a storm' ... and with that thought I'd suddenly found the perfect use for a stamped image of a lighthouse from when I'd borrowed the stamp from a friend a few weeks back: 
And then my mind went from 'port in a storm' to 'storm in tea-cup' to 'port-in-a-storm-in-tea cup' and then suddenly I also had a use for a digi-image of a tea-cup I'd had since the Alice in Wonderland themed weekend too!

We had to include a picture of a house on our pages too, which I found on a postage stamp [even though I don't live in Vietnam!]:
The circular designs are made from running a Glitz Roller Doodle through the slightly damp gesso. Then I spritzed Shimmerz ink over the top once it dried: 
There's some of the usual stenciling through sequin-waste and then finally, while the spray ink was still wet I scooped up a few grains of Brusho on to a paintbrush and rather than wet them and create a wash with them , I simply just sprinkled them onto the page and let them disperse however they chose:
So there we go, my interpretation of 'Home'. And now here's the reason why posting about that topic is particularly ironic today ... it'sbecause I'm spending the final day of my fortnight off work ... at work!

Something came up which means I'm going in. Which is not quite what I'd planned for my last day of freedom.

But still ... it doesn't hurt to know that your utterly indispensable every now and again does it? ;-)

As soon as I get chance I'll move on to tackle Week 13's art journal prompt which is all about 'superstitions'. So ... touch wood I'll have that done before next week ....

Happy Friday to you.



  1. Love your port-in-a-storm-in-a-teacup: how wonderfully original is this!

  2. Always love your whimsical journalling!

  3. beautiful pages.
    I am just starting a week long break from work and I feel like I am in heaven, even with 5 inches of snow outside.

  4. These journal pages are stunning and so original, i love them x

  5. Hi, hi, hi! I am here just to say that I really liked you blog. Your articles art works and attitude! Thanks a lot for sharing!


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