Wednesday 6 April 2011

Art Journal Challenge: Weeks 13 & 14

Hi, hi.

There's ink under my nails, on my desk and on the wall [but that's been there a month now, so the statute of limitaions on that offence has passed by now ... surely?] and there's even some ink on paper ... which can only mean I've been journaling.

Week 13 over on the UKStampers Art Journal Challenge was all about superstitions and rituals:
Initially I didn't think I was superstitious but then I thought of how I do believe in a form of karma:
It's a kind of get-what-you-give, do-unto-others philosophy ...

Which is all well and good [literally in fact] as it does help me consciously live a good life. Yet it has its downside ... like when I do something not so good ... which makes me wonder when it's going to come back and bite me!

This voodoo-esque creatures [along with the flying pig] came from something I rescued from being thrown away when Effie sorted out her scrap box ages ago! I'd been hanging on to it until the right moment and this week's theme seemed a fitting time for me to finally glue them down.
The stamped keys represents the rituals side of the challenge but isn't related to a superstition ... just a bit of everyday paranoia:
And rather coincidentally my car-driving habits cropped up again in my response to Week 14.

Here we were prompted to journal about music but rather than follow the exact prompt this time [1st song you bought + all time Top 5] I decided to make a note of some of the CDs I currently flit between in my car:
The 'Broken Chords' title [along with the instruction at the bottom of the pages] came from old sheet music and were cut from the rest of the sheet by a friend who thought it sounded like something I could use in my journal.

And she was correct [thanks Jan!]:

Miss Boombox Head is part magazine clipping, part tag from the Cosmo Cricket:
While I don't exactly listen to my music too loudly in the car ... and while my choices may not be wild and crazy ... I have been known to attempt to burn-off boy racers at the lights while listening to Coldplay.

You're shocked .. I know ... You expected better from me. Was it the road rage or the Coldplay element which let you down more?

Anyhoo .... finally I wrote out some Vampire Weekend lyrics across the page:
It's actually a few lines of these lyrics to be precise:
Don't say I don't provide you with a multi-sensory blogging experience while you're here.

You could be right there next to me in my passenger seat ... in fact there's some travel sweets in the glove-box if you fancy one?

See you soon.



  1. WOW these journal pages are fab i really love the music one,the colours are gorgeous and miss boombox head is brilliant xxx

  2. Thoroughly enjoying your journal pages.I'm finding out all sorts of things about you. Glad I could help with that little quote lol

  3. Aw am loving these journal pages.

    So much to look at! Love the images... and even the Coldplay (Sssssh! Don't tell Alice!)

  4. Love your journal pages Julie, I also always check the door is locked 3 times - the front & back doors, it can take me ages to leave the house, especially if I've had the fire on as I have to keep checking that - must be a creative mind thing lol

  5. Much, much gorgeousness in your journal as usual. I only wish I had your fearless attitude towards ink! For some reason I hate having it on my hands *shock*

    My verification today? Ooeer. Only ever get the good ones over here! :)

  6. A visual feast! I could just go with a sweetie to suck while `I read :). Your voodoo-esque figure is superb!

  7. Just realised I've commented already on UK Stampers but hey, I'm here so I'll comment again! I love the way you do your layers and both these pages are visually stunning as well as being a great snapshot in terms of journalling. Enjoying your stuff! JulieD


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