Thursday, 28 April 2011

Layout: Diamonds On the Soles of My Shoes

Hello you.

And hello to you too if you've landed on me from SJ's Little Musings blog where I've been doing a spot of designing with her latest digital stamp collection today.

When I saw the image of the pair of high-tops in the set ['Acceptable in the Eighties'] I knew I had the perfect photos to match with it for a layout.

This layout:

Yes, that is indeed a close-up of a hole in the bottom of my shoe and as such ... I think I ought to explain myself:
But, alas ... while there was indeed something twinkling out from the hole in the rubber ... it was not quite a real diamond:
Or, to give it its exact title, it's a silver Anita's 'Glitteration' Dot which had clearly made a bid for escape via in the nearest passing sole!

To reflect this on my high-tops stamp I glittered the soles with Stickles:
My approach to scrapbooking has always been to trawl my 'everyday' experience and document the ordinary treasures that reveals.

And what could embody this philosophy more perfectly than a page dedicated to the discovery of a shimmering fragment in the bottom of a worn out shoe?

Here's wishing you too find a hidden treasure in the unlikeliest of places.
Thanks for reading me today.

Julie x

The stamps I've been working with:

I also made 4 cards using on the other images from the set over here on the Little Musings blog.

And here's where I took my title  from ... if ever a layout and song were meant to be together ...:


  1. Fantastic layout Julie. Love the stories behind all your scrapbook pages :D

  2. That's a favourite song of mine. That and Elvis Costello's "Angels Want to Wear my Red Shoes"

    Great layout!

  3. Fab layout, Julie! Love the story and those stamps are perfect! :o)

  4. Love how you make pages from the everyday into something quite special!

  5. Great story, I always finding odd letter stickers or my daughter's stickers stuck on socks or sleeves. I like how you've turned it into a fabby layout and story, it's capturing little things like this which really show who you are in a scrapbook album! x


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