Monday, 30 April 2012

My Month in Numbers 2012: April

Hi again.

Tomorrow we'll be in May. May!

And I only just got used to writing '04.2012' on my timesheets.

But if the calendar says another month's over, then I guess I'll have to take its word for it and introduce another Month ... in Numbers [if you'd like to join in too, please stop by here to read the small print!].

Now let me show you how my April added up ...

0.617m2 = the area of clean, clear, white space which was my desk [for about 2 hours this month]:
Take a good, long, hard look at that clear desk, because, trust me, you won't see the likes of that again any time soon. [My desk is white. Who knew?]

I just had a funny turn one morning and decided that I couldn't possibly begin working until my room was cleaned. And I do mean cleaned. There was Domestos involved for goodness sake! For the record:
  • thinking about cleaning my room happens quite often yet ...
  • actually cleaning my room happens close to never and ...
  • needless to say ... it doesn't look like that any longer. I don't know what it does like like though- because I can't tell under all that paper.
34 = the number of clothes donated to charity to lighten the load of the drawer beneath the bed:
There was a mountain of jersey cotton in that drawer and, now I've got rid of all that ^^^, it's now merely the size of a large hill ...

30, 74, 75, 76 = the page numbers my work features on in the latest Somerset Memories magazine. Let me tell you, to someone who's always hoped that one day, she'd make it into a Stampington title ... there's no more exciting sight on a morning than finding this on your doormat:
I'm still not sure of the pages I made it on to in Stampington's Art Journaling as my copy hasn't arrived yet. So I've another exciting postal delivery still to come.

And as if that wasn't enough ... April definitely earned the title of Month of Exciting Magazine Happenings ...

1 = the first ever copy of Featuring Magazine arrived last week:
That's me on pages 14 and 38. I've talked a lot about Featuring lately so I'll just direct you to the website for now and you can find out more at your leisure.

30 = the number of Episodes of Justified watched:
Basically I went from never seeing an episode to watching two full seasons and 4 episodes of the latest season [on UK TV].

This is not usual behaviour for me. I'm not a box-set kinda girl at all. And I only have about 3 DVDs to my name. But for Justified ... it's brilliant story-telling, dialogue that keeps my ears sharp [not to mention what the leading man does for my eyes], for all that ... I've made an exception.

And it's also just possible that, as I type ... I'm watching Season 1 from the beginning again ...

And finally, perhaps the loudest and largest thing that happened this month ...

3 = the number of demolitions watched from the back window last Sunday morning:

James took the photos while I just watched a bit overawed, a bit freaked out. The view from the bathroom window will never be the same!

So that's the sum total of my April 2012 ... now you're welcome to share your own statistics with me:
  • If you'd like to take part in the full Month in Numbers community blogging experience [and to join the others on the Pinterest board]  then please, please read the info here first. It's really just about give + take.
  • And if you're just happy reading through everyone's posts ... then that's most welcome too! [There are no rules for that ... you've just got to be able to read ... which I'm guessing you've got the hang of. What with you reading this right now and everything ...].
See you later this week.

Julie :-)


  1. Congratulations on all your publishing successes - very well deserved, especially when I see how small your desk is!

    I'm, erm, a little late to the party this month - here are my numbers for, erm, March!!!

  2. What a fantastically clean desk. It would also appear that we have the same hanging bar thingy from Ikea!
    Great numbers; a bit scared about the cooling tower demolition though. Bye bye landmarks. :-(
    I'm done and fairly on time, even if I did only write it this morning...
    Thank goodness for Mondays off!

  3. Hurray for all those pages with your name on them! Fantastic.

    ..and for clean, fresh smelling desks too. You don't want to see mine..(though it does have a Month in Numbers page on it)

  4. That's a great month for you! Congratulations on being published again ~ must give you such a rosy glow. Nice idea to include the video.
    My Month in Numbers is here:

  5. The demolition video is impressive! And to think that is right from your windows! But my favorite has to be your first number! I can't believe you actually measured the clean surface of your desk :) Oh and last but not least, congrats on all your publications!!! That is huge!!!

    My numbers are up here:

    Thanks Julie!

  6. Loved seeing the demolition as I missed the actual event. The sky does look a little bare when you travel along now :0)
    Mine will be up later tonight when I sort the photos out.

  7. I never have a totally clear desk even when it's cleaned up so I'm impressed with yours.

    And many congratulations again on your publications success :)

  8. Hello Julie
    Made it this month, phew. I bet you did a happy dance when Stampington mail popped through the letter box. I imagine it was as explosive as those darn towers. Well done you! Here's my numbers

  9. Love reading your numbers Julie - they are always so different. Thanks for your comment on March - your comments about the retreats made me laugh! Congrats on the publishing too. I'll be back with my April numbers tomorrow :)

  10. Congratulations on all those published pieces!
    I discovered this project last month and kept the link to participate this month. :) I¨ve been doing the monthly updates for a while and this gives them a fresh turn. Thank you!

  11. Hello hello. Love the glimpse into your workspace, I'm impressed you create so much on such a little space! Well done on your publications, you definitely deserve them! And I'm going to have to check out that TV programme now, I hadn't heard of it before (and I am a box-set kind of girl!)

    Here's my April in numbers:

  12. Here is my month in numbers -

  13. Julie - I left you a really lengthy comment yesterday praising you on your numbers and your publication. Doesn't look like you got it....wonder what happened there then!!

    I posted my numbers yesterday

  14. How long did you desk remain like that. I too had a good clean up this month but it is now a mess again! Well done on all your magazine success - well deservered. Here are my numbers this month

  15. I love reading your numbers. Here is the link to my numbers for April.

  16. many congratulations on having your work published in this terrific magazines :)
    great month in numbers x
    here is mine.

    Sheena x

  17. What a lovely set of numbers Julie. Well I enjoyed joining in last month so have returned again with my numbers for April -

    Karen x

  18. I'm back with mine
    Off to read everyone else's :)

  19. I love the eclectic mix of items - demolition and clothes sent to new home.

    Really enjoying these monthly summaries, thanks

    posted mine


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