Wednesday 2 May 2012

Scrapbooking: with concert tickets

Hi, hi.

Today's page is something which doesn't occur to me to make very often any more and yet it's exactly the kind of thing I used to do before I started my current form of scrapbooking.

I've got albums filled with ephemera and magazine clippings from the 1980s and 90s relating to bands I liked, places I'd visited, and generally anything which caught my eye and yet these days I forget to scrap things like tickets even though I still save them.

But I've rectified that with this page:
I went to see The Spaghetti Western Orchestra perform live earlier this year and made this page as a way to both document the event and to keep the tickets and flyer in a safe place.
I didn't glue the tickets down as thoroughly as generally would a photo - just in case there was ever a time I wanted to lift them up and read what was on the back [which isn't very likely, but still ...] so they're just fixed with a single line of tape.

Similarly, I only stitched down one edge of the tour flyer, allowing it to still flip over so I can read the details on the reverse:
Just like on the two layouts I shared last week [here + here], here too I've kept the title to a minimum, just using tiny alpha stickers:
The title itself was taken from the 'words' we had to sing along with during the audience participation section of the theme from The Good The Bad + The Ugly. And if you can't bring to mind how that might sound you can see a version of it here in my Month in Number's post from February.

Other than the titl and my handwritten journaling, the other words the page came from a 7Gypsies sticker [It's Showtime] while the 'must sing experience' came from one of those big K&Co Words To Go packs:
A friend of mine bought one of the boxes [which hold over 2000 individual word blocks], decided she'd never be able to use them all and donated a small mound of them to me. And if ever there was anything known to keep me entertained ... it's having 100s of words to sift through to find just the right thing to say ...


This is the 3rd page I made using papers from the set currently being given away here on the 3DJean blog [Open until 7th May 2012].


There's lots happening here this week, so I'd best get back to preparing for a birthday and a magazine article or 5.

Soon soon.

J :-)


  1. Fab and inspirational page !!

  2. A really great page. I so wish I had kept all my stuff from the seventies. I do have some bits though from when I left school and when I won a competition to meet David Cassidy in America, showing my age there. Keep up the amazing ideas.

  3. Julie you have taken a leaflet and saved a memory. small lettering is the way to go!!


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