Friday 18 May 2012

Card: Security envelopes + embellishing for men!

Hello again.

It's day 5 of Going Postal 2012, which was meant to be the final day ...
  • but I've still got to fit in the new posty themed Plundered Pages I'm adding to the shop today;
  • plus I'll need to announce the winner of the giveaway which closes on Sunday. So go enter if you haven't already!
... and I'll be staying postal for at least a few more days yet.

Thank you to all those who've managed to grab time and contribute a mail themed item so far,  they're all safely pinned to the Pinterest board [there's even another giveaway on there which closes on Sunday too - from Bernice's blog, so if you're interested in free loveliness she has some lovely stamps + things up for grabs!]

Now let's move on to yet another project in what's rapidly turning into a '100 Things To Do with Security Envelopes'! It's the card I made James for his recent birthday:

This time the security envelope pattern is the fabulous black & white brick bond design.

Seriously though ... that paper could easily be part of a current Hambly or Studio Calico paper range, don't you think? And yet here it is, landing on my doormat, free of charge [unless of course the envelope had a bill inside ... and even then I guess wrapping it in cool paper serves to sweetens the pill a little!
The alphabet background was made by stamping 'Alphabet Background' [a Woodware, Clear Magic stamp] twice, for a slightly fuzzy effect*. [I'm going to tell you that this was a deliberate design choice and nothing at all to do with the first attempt not really working ... and you can choose to believe me ... or not ...].

I bought this particular stamp because:
  • [a] It's an alphabet. Enough said. Alphabets rule! and ...
  • [b] it reminded me of computer screens you see in films like War Games, Tron or The Matrix and thought it could work equally well on cards for men - as well as for typography freaks;
  • [c] it's an alphabet ... have I mentioned that already?
As is my main method of working - all the colours for the card were chosen to compliment the image I was using as the focal point. An illustration cut from a retro dictionary:
There are lots of finishing touches and embellishments on this - which can sometimes be tricky on a masculine card - where you can't easily throw flowers or bling at it and see what sticks!

Here's a breakdown of the additional bits + bobs on this card - in case it helps you next time you're stuck for something to add that extra something while keeping the overall feel masculine:
  • polka dot paper/washi tape;
  • baker's twine;
  • a few gems and pearls and even a hair grip ... but they're in black ... so that's OK!;
  • a snippet of mesh;
  • a star - the male equivalent of the heart/flower!
  • and an X-Cut Postage Stamp die-cut [because, just when we thought we couldn't love postal themed things more ... they're unisex too!]:
OK, I'll stop now before this gets out of hand and mutates from '100 Things To Do with Security Envelopes' into ... 'Men's Cards Made Easy' ...

See you tomorrow.

Julie :-)


  1. Thanks for link to my blog. Just looked on your Etsy shop and there's so much yummy stuff. I love the Blank Looks range.

  2. And here's a blog post about some journaling done today inspired by your alaphabet background.

  3. Just stunning, Julie - I love your colours today and the way all those layered elements just work so well together ...

  4. I'm loving all these envelope crafts, and really hoping to a) receive some post and b) find some to craft tonight/this weekend.

  5. The black and yellow together is lovely. Another great post. i so wanted to play along this week Julie....and it just hasn't happened!

  6. This is a beautiful card (if we are allowed to say that for masculine cards!) - I love the contrast of the yellow and black and I can't believe you found that background paper on the back of an envelope!

  7. You've given me so much inspiration as always and perfect timing for the male birthdays just round the corner in June.
    I just bought a great book for plundering pages for male cards. James May's How to Land a ??? Aeroplane. I have no interest in what he has to write so no compunction on cutting the groovy images from his book and at only 49p an absolute win!

  8. Love this card - as someone that needs to make a batch of male cards - I would love a "mens cards made easy"

  9. i can't believe how these all elements work together..could it work same for Gift Card envelopes?


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