Friday 25 May 2012

New paper kits: Summertime, Father's Day ... & Harry Potter

Hello, hello.

I do hope the sun's been shining on you today, it's made a world of difference to life around here

[The sunshine is the main reason I'm posting this much later than I planned, I've actually been outdoors, soaking up warmth and Vitamin D rather than the usual playing with paper ... in my cave!]

But I did want to make time to introduce you to the latest kits I've been adding to my shop this week starting with my new twist on the Plundered Pages vintage paper packs.

As I make so many cards using the imges from my book collection ... and as I've been sharing them here over recent months ... I thought it made sense to create a pack of Plundered Pages especially for card-making ... and here are the first [of around a dozen] which I'll be adding to the shop in the next week or so:
While I've been putting these first few packs together I've been keeping in mind:
  •  men's cards in general;
  • and Father's Day cards in particular [seeing as how it's Father's Day on June 17th!]
... because I know how cards-for-men is something some crafters seem to struggle with.

So, these new packs contain:
  •  around 6 main feature images/advertisements - which you can use in place of a stamped image or decoupage element - on a greeting card as a focal point;
  • 2 vintage book pages;
  • a selection of patterned papers carefully chosen to compliment the colours and themes from the focal images;
  • matching embellishments / ribbons / 'interesting bits'!; plus ...
  • 1 card blank + envelope to get you started.
If you'd like to take a peek ... here they are [and thank you!].

Now let me show you a brand new pack of the 'orignal' Plundered Pages ... a pack which I've thoroughly enjoyed making ... a pack which my sister suggested I just give to her instead of selling [which, hard-hearted beast that I am, I ignored] ... a pack which goes by the name of 'Harry Potter-esque' ... this pack:
Surely that's Hagrid in the centre there? Surely?

If you'd like to see my interpretation of Harry, Hogwarts and Hogsmeade - as found in my collection of vintage books - in more detail then you can see it here.

And finally ... there's lots more new packs in stock featuring - amongst other things:
  • summertime scenes, splashing, relaxing;
  •  caravan holidays, touring, camping;
  • and lots of lovely geometric retro patterns:

You can visit here all the new packs in full if you're in need of a vintage image fix!

Come hail or shine I'm spending tomorrow on the hunt for some 'new' old books to re-stock and add to my collection ... and I'll scatch up with you next week.

Soon, soon.

Julie x

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  1. These ALL look wonderful! The problem with the sunny weather, I find is that it is hard to do any scrapbooking or cardmaking at all. :)


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