Friday 11 May 2012

Cardmaking + 'Coming Soon'


[If you live near me - and don't feel like reading the whole post, please scroll down to the end where there's something you might want to get involved in for charity].

I've got news of a few new things today starting with this little card. And it really is a little one, an off-cut of a larger card that I cut down in size. BTW: that's a cotton reel it's sitting on, it's that small:
Like many of my recent cards, this has rounded corners ... and was made from leftovers from several other projects. Except these  scraps hadn't even made it so far as the scrap bag.

They're from a basket I keep on my desk and drop 'bits' into when I'm tidying away. Then, yesterday I needed to make a quick card to pop inside a parcel and just grabbed a few things that matched then stamped a greeting:
Supplies:  Stamps: 'Bold Alphabet 1' by Kars  - a tiny, super-useful set ¦¦  Papers: GCD Studios + My Mind's Eye ¦¦ Postage stamp die: X-Cut ¦¦ Vintage French yellow ribbon: a gift from lovely Kirsty Neale.
Now then, seeing as how we're speaking of postal related stash ....
... then how about this:

What do you say? Are you in? Fancy playing along again?

If you're new here you can see everything that was featured in the first Going Postal delivery here.

Same rules apply as last time, if you want your [new] postal-themed blog post pinning to the Going Postal Pinterest board, make sure to link to the series in your post and then let me know.

Not that anyone has to join me, I've got a few things ready to share on my lonesome!

So that's next week sorted, but before then:
  • The latest issue of Papercraft Inspirations Magazine is out now and I have a celebratory card in this particular issue. And they're celebrating because it's the 100th issue! Happy Centenary Jenny + team! xx [Features for Papercraft Inspirations are actually responsible for most of the off-cuts and oddments in my scrap basket lately, leftovers from the articles I'll have popping up in future issues].
  • And also the latest issue [33] of Creativity Magazine is available and there's quite a few bits and bobs of mine in there too.
As for the future ...
  • I'm currently writing a new class. Actually no, it's more like two new classes.
  • The first is going to run along the lines of my other series: 'Tips For the Twitter-Curious' and 'Tips for the Design Team-Curious' [if you missed them 1st time round you can access the full content, free, by clicking the links] and is on a topic I think some of you will find useful ... especially as it's a topic raised by many of you from time to time ...
And finally ... this is just for you if you live in my area:
  •  you might have already seen it in the Evening Gazette, but journalist Sarah Dale [who once interviewed me about running online classes] is heading off on a charitable visit to a special needs school in Zambia in a few weeks. [You can read the story here];
  • here's a list of what you can donate;
  • what it doesn't really mention there - but what Sarah Tweeted about this week - was that she's looking for arts + crafts supplies - so I'm going to fill a box or two in the next few days.
  • I thought you might want to too.
  • You can post things but you can also simply drop a box off at the Borough Road Gazette Offices reception [before early/mid-June]- with your box marked 'Sarah Dale - Zambia'.   
p.s Sarah has not asked me to ask you! I'm doing this because I thought it was a win-win: we all get to donate to charity while enjoying a guilt-free way to ditch some old papers + stash!

Right, that's enough from me. I'll leave you in peace.

Have a great weekend. See you next week for all things postal!

Julie x


  1. Going postal sounds interesting! I'm wondering if any of your readers can help on that theme! I'm looking for a page protector to store some postcards in for 2012 but they are slightly too big for the AC 6x4 ones. My mum sends one every month with the kids pocket money and always writes them a little message and picks quirky cards (this month's was a photo from the station at Llanfairpwllgwyngyll which the kids giggled at when they tried to say it!) Any ideas gratefully recieved!

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your 'bits and bobs' in Creativity magazine.

  3. Yeaahhh for Going Postal part deux!!! :D Can't wait!

  4. This is my link for my april in Numbers. Thanks for your prompt reply It didn't seem right to leave a comment here when this is about Going Postal

  5. beautiful card and beautiful photos of it, really lovely. was so surprised to see your face poking out of julie fei-fan blazer's blog today - good on you!
    looking forward to Going Postal numero dos, hopefully will be able to join in this time....


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