Monday 14 May 2012

Going Postal 2012: Priority greetings [card making]

Hi, hi, hi.

Looks like we've both made it to the first day of Going Postal re-visited so let's just get started with the first of the new projects I've got to share this week. My latest 'bits bag' cards have a suitably posty theme:

See those snippets of yellow and pink printed postage label?

Well, I love them. A lot.

And, considering how this will be the 5th whole week I'll have dedicated to blogging my love of all things mail-ish ...  it would be foolish to deny that I didn't love things like that, wouldn't it?
These ones found their way to my eager hands after James brought home a padded envelope for me from his office [btw: he brings envelopes home because I recycle when sending out my Etsy shop orders ... not just because it's his idea of how to treat a lady!] ... anyway ....  as soon as he handed me the envelope I started peeling them off.

I mean, how often do you see yellow patterned labels printed in pink ink? Not as often as you might hope! So they were certain to make their own unique way on to a project ASAP:
Turns out that I could only wait 24 hours -as the very next day they were turned into cards!

So, when I suggest you take inspiration from the next thing he postie delivers to your door ... I'm serious. It really can work! Especially if it has yellow and pink postage labels ... oh my ...

Don't forget, if you'd like to join me with a postal post of your own, you're more than welcome.
[If you haven't already PLEASE read the details of how to join in from this post.]
And thank you to those who've already let me know they've got something postal planned!

Right then, I'm off now to sit at the bottom of the stairs to gaze at the letterbox ... [and possibly terrify the postie in the process ... ]




  1. Here's my blog post

  2. The Town Hall and Symphony Hall always have such beautifully design envelopes and one arrived on Friday - i must do you a post!

  3. I never seem to get lovely labels like that in the post, but I will watch to see what comes today. I've every intention of doing at least one going postal post this week.

  4. Yellow and pink feels like a perfect colour combo right now. Love it.

  5. My credit card bill never looks as pretty as this. Marks & Spencer...take note!

  6. Today all we got was a brown envelope from HMRC!!

  7. I shall be taking more note of what comes through my letterbox this week but I don't think there will be any yellow and pink stamps but you never know. your cards :)

  8. love that your re-visiting going postal Julie, although i'm not sure a week is long enough lol! it takes me a while to get going. Will be seeking out some postal themed ideas and with a recent postal purchase....

    Fantastic card - pink and yellow definitely perfect colours x

  9. Ditto Amanda! You have inspired us to double check our mail for treasures :) Your cards are so fun!!!

  10. What lovely things! How come our country never seems to make anything as glorious as these? Loving the postal theme already. :)

  11. Pink & Yellow! What a treat! x

  12. this is so pretty! love the color combo.


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