Friday 4 May 2012

Card: Elephants never forget

Hi. It's me. And I'm guessing it's you too. So how about I just jump right in and show you a card I made?

OK then. Here's a card:
And, even if I do say so myself, it's a pretty sweet card ... which is really due to that adorable stamp [Nellienoo' by Polka Doodles.]. I loves me a nice simple outlined stamp that I can colour-in like I was 5 again!

Also, this card is evidence of a love affair I'm currently having ...

... with my corner rounder.

For a while it lay abandoned in my drawer but let me tell you ... 2012 has definitely seen the return of the corner-rounder to my papercraft projects. With a vengeance.

In fact I must have a thing for corners in general right now as last week I claimed I was bringing photo-corners back! Not sure what's going on there ... [seriously if I could find a way to crow-bar in some lame joke about "no one putting Baby in a corner-rounder" and also have that lame joke make any sense ... then I'd be doing that right now ...]

Anywhoo ....

The word is from a sheet of 7Gypsies '97%Complete' stickers which, as you might have noticed, are an absolute staple for me - especially on my cards. They're my go-to sentiment/ finishing touch 9 times out of 10 and I love them:
Other supplies used:
  • the papers are from Les Editions InfoCrea and belong to the range currently being given away to one lucky winner here on the 3DJean Design Team blog. If you haven't already added your name to the link-box you've still got until Monday 7th May. It's interesting how completely different the range looks on this card as it's such a small scale and also from picking out just the green elements of the papers.
  • the cabochons are also from 3DJean;
  • and the seam binding's from The Ribbon Girl.

As for the retro Scandinavian Phrase Book ... that came from a big junk shop in York and was sold to me by a man who swore like a trooper with a stubbed toe, but who could be forgiven as he only charged me£3 for five amazing vintage books which i'd have easily paid more for.

He obviously doesn't read my read my blog ... more fool him ...

Alas, even with the Phrase Book in my possession I still have to read the subtitles while watching The Bridge / The Killing / Borgen etc ...

  • have you made any everyday/any occasion cards lately?
  • or are you having a re-ignited fling with a long-forgotten craft tool?
  • or have you made any feeble jokes based on Dirty Dancing movie quotes too this week?
  • bought any amazing vintage books?
Whatever strikes a chord with you ... leave a comment and let me know below.

Thanks for dropping in.

Julie :-)


  1. Hmm... I have an ever-growing pile of vintage books which I can't bear to cut up, do you offer a class in how to get past the point of stroking the pages, to actually tearing them out?!

    That elephant is very cute! x

  2. Great card and I like both photo corners and rounded edges too.

    I got a couple of 1950's school biology books this week - 50p each, yay! They were from a local girl's school and in one there was a library ticket with an entry from the 1960s. In pencil the girl borrower had written all the names of the Monkees - aww.

  3. Yes, I made a birthday card and a wedding card this week, I've used my corner rounder too. I did score some brilliant vintage books a coule of weeks ago and I really wish I'd bought more as at 20p each they were a real bargain.

    .....can't say I've made any Dirty Dancing jokes this week though ;)

  4. no dirty dancing quotes from me this week either! Some cards made though.

    yay to the corner rounder -I still use mine. Love the elephant stamp xx have a lovey weekend x

  5. Nope - but I love this card. I am going to try and be crafty and the book made me smile as soon as I saw it.
    Have a great weekend x

  6. I love the card, you have a great eye Julie, I couldn't make that in a million :)

    No dirty dancing jokes here, but I admire your spirit in trying to work that one.

    I use my corner rounder on pl. I do love it. I have been using chalks again, which were relegated to the 'box of things I no longer use but might' which has totally validated the box :) I might dig in there again.
    Have a nice bank holiday weekend.

  7. a. No I haven't
    b. No I'm not
    c. No I didn't, BUT I did discover that Clark Gregg, who plays Agent Coulson in the Marvel movies, including Avengers Assemble which I saw yesterday no spoilers, is married to Jennifer Grey. Who looks far less interesting since she had a nose job and grew up, and
    d. Yes, I bought a Janet and John book with a very groovy cover :)

  8. Eeeek! I've got a matching one from you on my noticeboard as I type! Lovely to read of its origins ...

  9. Eeeek! I've got a matching one from you on my noticeboard as I type! Lovely to read of its origins ...


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