Sunday 6 May 2012

Sian's Storytelling Sunday: Big Bang Theories

Hi again.

As night follows day Sian's Storytelling Sunday - which Sian hosts on the first Sunday of each month - follows My Month in Numbers in my blogging calendar [which I think is why I'm finally remembering to join Sian each month now!].  Visit Sian here for the full details if you'd like to join in and tell a tale of your own.

So now, if you're sitting comfortably, and if you're not afraid of loud noises .... I'll begin mine ...

Big Bang Theories

When I first heard the rumbling I didn't think anything of it ... and then the window bowed inwards.

Which made me pause for a moment ...
Living fairly close to some heavy industry [as the demolition in my recent post proves] my first thought was that the rumbling was related to that. But, on second thoughts, and thinking of the weird window wobbling, whatever made the noise felt too loud, too powerful and surely nearer to home than that.

So, maybe it was a lorry in the street dropping a fully-loaded skip? So I looked. And the street was empty.

So I did what I always do when I want immediate information on what's happening in the world ... I turned to Twitter.
The first mention I spotted was from someone a couple of miles down the coast who was also wondering why their windows shook.

Then a local news source tweeted about a 'suspected earthquake'.

In N.E England.

Not a regular occurrence in these parts. [In fact I've only known one other in my lifetime.]

And then it was followed by a suggestion it could be related to the construction of a wind farm out at sea.

So far, so interesting, so unusual, so newsworthy. You'd think.

But from then on ... there was nothing ...
No further explanations were given. No follow-up. No confirmations. Nothing.

There was one further explanation offered on Twitter:
Which ... as unlikely as it was that a herd of zebras were claiming me as their princess ... in lieu of any official word on the matter ... it fast became as good an explanation as any!

The following day a story appeared in the local paper ...
But even that wasn't about what had actually happened ... it was about how nobody can find out what actually happened!
So I'll leave you draw your own conclusions ... maybe it was an earthquake ... maybe it was related to the wind farm ... maybe it was those zealous zebras after all. You decide.

But I think it's safe to guess we can all agree on one thing ... that this was THE MOST inspired, genius, perfectly-pitched headline to sum up the whole mysterious affair:
... and that whoever wrote it certainly earned their money that day!

Thanks for reading my story ... and don't forget to swing by Sian's place for more stories today.

Oh and do feel free to speculate in the comments about what YOU think really happened that day!

Julie ;-)


  1. Sonic boom from a secret rendition flight - obvs. Just sayin'......

    I love a good mystery. We just get earthquakes and jokes about it causing 10p of damage!!!

  2. Don't know where I was but I missed it - typical :0)
    The people who spoke about it were convinced it was wind farm related.
    Great page.

  3. The herald for National Scrapbooking Day?

    Great story and I really like that layout, how you pulled the plunderings together. Fab.

  4. That's a mystery, I'm not surprised you were suspicious, maybe a secret underground bomb testing facility? When we had an earthquake in Kent a few years ago we were initially very confused (I thought a plane had crashed outside!) We found a wind-up radio listen to (electric was off) and then we heard people ringing in to say it had been a tremor.

  5. Great story. I'd heard about a sonic boom caused by a flight somewhere in the country.

  6. Very mysterious....I'd go with the zebras if I was you!!

  7. Oh please let it be zebras, please let it be zebras :D

  8. That sounds very intriguing. Typically british for none of us to know what is going on! ha ha! I like the zebra theory myself. Lovely LO too by the way. x

  9. When i first saw your post and page I assumed someone had carried out a BBT experiment in their home!

    Now, a herd of zebra's would have made the front page.

    Great story Julie and a fantastic page x

  10. Well I have a few obvious thoughts:

    ~ Sid dropped his collection of paints?
    ~ Jan knocked her scrap box off her desk (it's so big you would surely have felt the aftershocks)?
    ~ My Copic collection rolled off my table?
    ~ Gail was crushed under the avalanche of fabric from her scraps cupboard?

    Although I think it was a sonic boom as I remember hearing something on the late night news but cn't remember what or who made the sonic boom

    Love Andrea xx

  11. I'd go with the Zebra's as well - sounds very exotic!

  12. Yep, definitely go with the zebras! Round here, I'm afrais we always have another explanation for bangs and windows bowing in..though thank goodness the younger generation know nothing of that..

    I'm loving all the gorgeous blues in your page today..and thanks for the story!

  13. I've always been a bit of a conspiracy theorist on the quiet, but I'm going with the zebras on this occasion!

  14. Love the tweet from Shimelle ... I could suggest a number of theories for an explanation, but you'd probably put me in the category of 'slightly odd', so I won't!

  15. Mysterious but awesome story and LO. Loves Shimelle's idea.
    Have a nice Sunday,
    Cheers from France

  16. I think I heard that story....not the zebra one:) great story and layout, love the use of the newspaper cutting.

  17. Hi Julie..thanks for stopping by my blog..I fancy the zebra theory too!
    Alison xx

  18. Love the layers on the page and I'd go for the zebra story myself.

  19. Fab page, as always :D

    I love this story and the different media to document it.

  20. what a wonderful story! Oooh I love a good mystery, I think it is great that you don't actually know the cause as it makes it way more interesting!!

  21. A great story and layout - I like to think it was the zebras!

  22. I love your stories each month. They always take me by surprise! My son would probably tell you that it was the dwarfs underground clearing a new passageway :-)

  23. I am surprised with your gorgeous wit you didn't immediately tweet James and ask him if the earth had moved for him too! What a great layout. You have captured the whole experience so well. I like Chipper's dwarf theory.

  24. perhaps they were taking concorde for a run to keep the engine ticking over! or have created another craft that breaks the sound barrier and are not telling us!! the earthquakes I've experienced were quiet

  25. The theories suggested here are probably far more exciting than the explanation.

  26. In my limited experience, an earthquake makes a rumbling sound, not a big bang. I'm thinking maybe a heard of zebras would rumble too... so I'm going with the supersonic boom theory. When I saw your title I thought the post was about my husband's favorite tv show.

  27. Great page! I remember reading yours and Shimelle's tweeted conversation about this on twitter. And at the time I thought that it would be cool if it was zebras, but then if you were off being their wonderland princess, who'd be here to inspire us? So I'm glad it was something else, even if we're not sure what that was! x

  28. Oh, I do love a good theory and the more improbable the better. The stampeding zebra sounds plausible but I'm leaning to something more aerial and secret, possibly with a USA connection!

  29. Love a good mystery but love Shimelle's idea even more. Your layout looks great.


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