Thursday 17 May 2012

Art Journaling: Blogging ... Goldilocks style

Hello, hello and welcome to day 4 of 'Going Postal 2012'.

Yesterday I had a speculative email from a company selling envelopes asking me about sponsorship opportunities [!!??].  Now where would they get the idea that I'm big on envelopes? Can't imagine ...

So, today's art journal page features two security envelopes [Ahhh .... now I seeee ....].

Anyway it's another page created to illustrate my tutorial/discussion of postal themed supplies for Step 19 of the UKScrappers Art Journey [where the full discussion is available for download as a PDF]. And here it is:
The main background consists of the reverse side of a security envelope which I used as window feature to frame two of my favourite things: sunshine and 'found' phrases: 
Unlike the page I shared in yesterday's post the subject matter behind this page is not connected to a postal theme. It's actually based around some current feelings I have about my blog:
My journaling reads:

"There's been a lot of talk lately about whether bloggers share too much ... or not enough but, for now at least, mine feels pretty Goldilocks to me."

As in: it's just right.

So, with that notion in mind I searched through my pile of magazines, brochures, leaflets and junk mail to find suitable images and phrases which I felt matched what I try to do here in my corner of BlogWorld.

Think of it as a collaged blog Mission Statement which includes found phrases such as ...
  • what you might get from visiting me: 'Receive details about news + nonsense';
  • then what I hope to offer you: 'Little things to make you smile' and really that could actually be my life's motto ... not merely my blog's:
 Oh and ... not forgetting:
  • 'A tickle every so often' because you must have guessed by now that I like trying to make you laugh with my Overheards and tall tales!

If you're feeling a bit conflicted about your blog, maybe you too are debating over whether you share too much or not enough, if you're pondering over what your purpose is or how you want your readers to feel when they swing by ... whatever it is ...

... let me tell you, it's surprisingly useful and cathartic to spend half an hour sifting through a big pile of publications waiting for appropriate words and phrases to leap out and to feel right to you.

Which shouldn't be a surprise really because time spent with paper, scissors ... and yourself ... is never wasted time whther you come out of it with a blog mission statement or not.

A few reminders:
  • you can enter the big Docrafts giveaway [until Sunday 20th].
  • you can share your postal projects for me to Pin by linking up blog posts in the comments below [I can leave this offer open until the end of the month if that helps?]
  • or, if you don't have a full blown post idea, but still want to share something posty - drop it by my Facebook page.
Right, I'll be back tomorrow with some card making ... again using security envelopes [if I'm not careful I'll be attracting even more envelope-seller-attention!]

Julie :-)


  1. I haven't seen these discussions but I suspect should the people involved drop by mine then I would be labelled as one of the ones that shares to much. Do I care? Not a jot, it's MY blog and people don't have to read ;) I waffle and ramble, I tried to cut it short a few times and got told off by my regulars for trying to be someone I'm not. So there you go - can't please all the people all the time. I think mine is pretty Goldilocks too! (And am SO nicking that!)

  2. I combined the postal theme with an Index Card a Day (ICAD for Daisy Yellow) early edition. You can check it out here:

  3. Thanks for raising the question. I've blogged about it today

  4. I'm kinda of having that conversation with myself at the moment as I have sort of lost my way blogging wise and also seem to lack time. Anyway - I love your blog, it can inspire, make me smile and give pause for thought!

  5. I must admit I've been trying to work out what the purpose of my blog is lately (this involves using a new notebook for ideas lol). As for your blog, I like it, always have, it's very you, pretty photos, great writing, interesting & funny, what more can a blog reader ask for? :D
    C xx

  6. Amen to that! Time playing with paper is never wasted time. Ever.

  7. Oh I love love love sifting through magazines for things to cut out. My mom and I always plan a craft to do together when we're int he same city, but every now and then we'll just spend the whole afternoon cutting up her magazine collection. It's one of my favorite things to do!
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  8. It's so reasurring to hear others have lost their way and are questioning the purpose of their blog. I may just have to try getting out my stash of magazines and giving myself some freeflow time. I have been so pressured by work lately that my blog had taken a back stand and it is hard to find out where I want to go with it.
    Love visiting by the way, and I just love anything postal. I have hoarded so much with ideas and plans.... I just need to action them!


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