Wednesday 23 May 2012

Card: It Wasn't Sublime Love ...

Hello, it's me again. And it's you too, isn't it? Good, I thought so.

Following on from yesterday's post today's is the next instalment of my handmade-can-still-be-funny cards:
In case you missed it, there was a fully illustrated tutorial showing how to make this style of 'sandwich board' card in yesterday's post too.
One thing I forgot to mention in that tutorial was how you can add a little more detail to the hanging section by punching a decorative design along the edge before inserting it into the card.

Here I used my favourite EK Success Round Binder Edge punch:
And now for a close-up of the wording ... which probably took me longer to decide on [amid the millions of options in a pile of K&Co 'Words To Go'] than it did to make the rest of the card from start to finish:
It was the twinkle in her eye which convinced me she might just be thinking ...

Apologies if that's your Great Grandfather that I just called hot ...


I'll be back tomorrow with the final card in this set until then - if you want a funny fix - I've created a new photo album on my Facebook page to store all the silly innocent-yet-innuendo-ridden pages I find when leafing through my vintage books and magazines! I'll be adding to it whenever I find a new smirk-worthy page.


J ;-)


  1. I'm loving these cards and thanks for the instructions on your previous post on how to make them. I'm going to give it a go.

  2. I scrolled back up again to double check the hot-ness. I do like a man in a suit..

  3. Totally made me smile...but I just wonder on what occasion you would send it? :P

  4. Just a minute, let me check. Yep, it´s me. Which could be kind of confusing as it is the same name you use too from what I read there at the top left. ;)
    Maybe it was not sublime love but is it a sublime card. :)


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