Thursday, 21 February 2013

Scrapbooking: As in photography, as in life

Hi, hi.

I hope you've used the 'facilities' and packed some travel sweets because I'm taking you on another journey today. OK? Ready?

So far this month you've:
Then, when I got my breath back, ...
... and now, for today's trip around Teesside ...
  • allow me to spin you around 180° so you're facing <<<<<< in that direction, and you're all set to join me down by the the sea [getting your feet wet is optional]:

I've already blogged the photo I've scrapped here in a Month in Numbers post last summer, but wanted to record it on a layout too.

I used the wording from my original blog post as the journaling for the page which, I think you should just be able to make out here:
And here it is in context:
I've since learned [through a comment on my original post] that there's an actual, technical, photographic term for the 'out of focus but with colourful little circles' effect I managed to capture entirely by accident in the photo.

Apparently it's called bokeh and is quite an enviable thing to achieve! Who knew?

And there's me thinking I just couldn't get my focus right. Even when the camera was on automatic!!
Maybe I could have just pretended it wasn't a fluke at all ... and then presented it to you as the 'results of my experiments with depth of field' ... but, for better or worse, I'm a bit too honest for that.

Plus ...  I've been told my face doesn't always manage to hide what I'm thinking ... so you'd have guessed I was up to something!


OK, that's my seaside post for today, I can't think of anything else I could share about my local area right now so I might let you rest for a while ... anyone for a Lemon Top while we're here?



  1. oooh lemon top eh? yes please. I think your photo captures the misty distance and the romance that even industrial lights can give under the right circumstance. I like how that effect has a name and you did it even though you didn't know to call it that.

  2. Great photo & lovely page Julie.
    C xx

  3. Misty photos at the seaside are just the best - and this is a lovely page. You always manage to have so many interesting things to look at! Count me in if you are ordering lemon tops - I find a nice ice cream hard to resist :) especially if there's a witty blog to read at the same time :).

  4. Beautiful page. Love it when you share your LOs ;)

  5. This is a lovely dreamy layout. I like the mixed alphas, and the polaroids beneath your photo. x

  6. Love the LO. I can only achieve 'the blur' when I am not trying. When I try, it never seems to work!! Thats all part of the fun I guess lol

  7. Beautiful soothing colors! What a great page, photo and all!


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