Monday, 10 June 2013

Scrapbooking 'My Month in Numbers': May 2013

Hello, hello.

Here's a confession for you: I've worn the same dress for two days in a row now [don't worry, I'll wear a fresh one tomorrow. I promise]. And as a result of this fact, this morning, after I'd pulled the dress over my head, straightened myself up and then looked in the mirror do you know what I found stuck to my chest? Something which must have been lurking down the cleavage from the last time I wore it?

A turquoise number '6' sticker. Naturally.

Which, really, should give you a clue as to what I was doing while wearing the dress yesterday. [Come on. Surely you know me well enough by now?]. Here's a big clue [and by 'clue' I mean 'the answer']:
Since creating the 'Month in Musings' printable journaling card set this is my 2nd attempt at a Month in Numbers scrapbook page.

My last layout, which was actually my first layout ... oh,  you know what I  mean. OK, my previous Month in Numbers layout [April's] was quite minimal, linear and with a reduced colour-palette. So, this time around I wanted to showcase some of the brighter cards in the Month in Musings set. Like these:
I also wanted to have lots of layering on this one - partly to show you can use lots of cards on one page [I've used 4 here] and also to get to use quite a few patterned papers in there too [they really are my favourite crafty supply!]. 

Plus I wanted to make room on it not only for a few small photos, but for the tally-chart I made last month counting up all the hours of crime drama I'd watched. For a moment there I almost went to print off the photo I'd taken of it - which I shared here in my April Month in Numbers post. But then ...  I realised ... I could just tear it out of the notebook and stick it to my layout! Am I a genius or what? Just call me Sherlock ...
And of course, as I'm faithfully keeping track of all the books I read this year I listed them here on one of the printable cards:
[BTW: as much I loved The Silver Linings Playbook book ... I've just realised I read it in June ... and not May ... so it's going to have to come off that page now!

But at least that's one of the advantages of having a printable set of cards - I can just go and print out a new one!

And no - I didn't do it deliberately to make a savvy marketing point - I'm just an idiot!


This month I'm keeping a tally of all the people who join in with My Month in Numbers [the majority of which I've been able to pin to the board]. If you haven't already joined in with your May facts + figures yet there's no closing date ... whenever you're ready so am I.

I'll be back later in the week when we can have that chat about what we could all count up together one month ... get your thinking caps on and I'll catch up with you soon.

Julie :-)


p.s: I've had a substantial shop update in the last week, with more new products on the way, hence how quite things have been here. But there's lots going on over there, so if you're looking for a little crafty kit treat ... hop over and see what floats your paper boat


  1. It looks great with all the journaling cards....and I note that your taste in crime dramas is similar to mine!!

  2. That's one I haven't found before.... a number 6!! Your MIN looks good with all the layered printables x

  3. I usually find the remains of cake or chocolate or something more interesting (and edible) than the number 6 Julie but know where you are coming from...

    Love this LO of yours...

  4. I've been lurking around here for awhile now. I may have to give the month in numbers scrapping a try. ? Did you make the little peg dolls? I love them and would love to have a set of the husband and I.

  5. I found a blue enamel dot stuck to the breadbin this morning. Not quite as entertaining!

  6. I love all of the layering! I SOOOOOOOOO miss all of the crime drama on British TV now that I have moved back to Australia. We get a few, but nothing like the choices you have unless we get pay-TV (which I am not!). Ahhhhhh ... the luxury you have ;)

  7. Love the colors and the riotous construction.

  8. I'm still peeling glue off my hands from a play in the shed last night. I SWEAR I have washed and scrubbed my hands multiple times between then and now ;)

    I love your page but I love your little dolls even more. So CUTE!

    Off to window shop your shop...

  9. Fun layout Sherlock! ;)
    I love teh way you have of presenting your work. And yes, those dolls are adorable. :)

  10. I do love your great layered look, especially with that dark background - and yes, using the real thing rather than a photo is a neat and time-saving touch!

  11. I have seen this on several of the blogs I follow and read them with delight but never thought too much more of it! However this month I actually followed their link and here I am, surprise! So I ahve read all the 'how to' clips and read several posts and am now raring to go in July with June's numbers. I will be back, looking forward to it. Thanks for awesome amount of detail on how to complete this, so encouraging.

  12. I love how you presented your numbers this month! Lov the layers and the little handwritten notes here and there!


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