Friday 31 May 2013

My Month in Numbers 2013: May

Hello, hello.

How's May been for you?

Traditionally it's a pretty decent month round here what with: 2 bank holidays, a birthday, an anniversary and breaking up from my Uni job for the summer all to look forward to ... and fortunately this month's kept with those traditions. It's been pretty decent here. No complaints really.

So how about we get straight to the numbers behind the days?

21 years = how many years together James and I celebrated:
I'd like you to believe that I was betrothed to him at birth and that I'm a mere 21 years old. It's not true ... but we can pretend can't we?

10oz = the weight of the steak I ate during our anniversary lunch:
We had planned to visit a little bistro we like but, when we arrived, there was a sign saying it was closed due to a function being held there. So we wracked our brains as to where to go and drove around, stomach's rumbling, yet trying to find somewhere equally as nice to eat seeing as it was for a special occasion.
[I was wearing a new dress for goodness sake - you can't let that go to waste in a McDonald's Drive-Thru can you?]
Eventually we ended up at a pub which we hadn't been to for many, many years and which has changed its appearance, name and, fortunately, its menu since we were last there ...
While eating our rather nice meal, in quite sophisticated surroundings I remembered the cheese and onion sandwiches we used to have when we used to visit there in the 1990s when we first got together!
Maybe we were never meant to visit the bistro of our plans. Maybe this detour, which inspired us to reminisce was what was meant to happen all along. Who knows ...

Page 41 = the page the story about my Push-Up Bra fundraising  appeared on in my local paper:
 As someone who's pretty coy at times it took me a while to work up to actually opening up the paper and seeing myself in print. [I'm talking days here! Although I did see an online version on the day].

But my parents are obviously less shy about seeing one of their offspring in print and phoned to tell me they'd bought a copy and seen the story, and that it was almost a full page etc etc .... then I could hear my Dad in the background telling Mam to tell me about what was on page 40, opposite me.

Because it was this ...
There was an awful lot of Kirk going on across that double-page spread!

5 = the number of books read [you can hop to my reading list Pinterest board if you want to visit the books in question]:
 I read Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke by Rob Long almost in one sitting. It's a memoir of a writer of US comedy series and, as you might expect, it was funny!! Perfect for you if you like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Episodes or just laughing!

As for One Big Damn Puzzler ... it's a real treat [complete with fab Rob Ryan cover design]. Set on an island ... with lots of allusions to Shakespeare plays ... and featuring a native elder who's translating Hamlet into pidgin English. [Slight word of warning ... it's rather scatological in parts so ... just don't read it while / before eating.]

6 = the number of books borrowed from a different library than usual. [I know ... it's a wild and varied life I lead isn't it?]. And the truth is ... I was a little bit giddy.

You know when you're aware of how much you're smiling, and you try to stop yourself [in case you look insane] ... yet no matter how hard you try you can't keep the corners of your mouth from curling up?  Well, that was me.

Later that day I heard James talking on the phone to his Dad [who must have asked where we'd been that day] saying: "We went to Stockton library ... because Julie's read all the books in Middlesbrough".

Perhaps I've been slightly exaggerating when I've been complaining about not being able to find anything to read in my regular library? Due to documenting my 2013 reading list, both in My Month in Numbers and on the Pinterest board, I know precisely how many books I've read ... and in all honesty I can't really claim it's 'all the books in Middlesbrough' ... not just yet!

1, 3 + 116 = the issue numbers of the 3 different magazines I created for this month.

1000 words = the word count I was given to write about My Month in Numbers for a new magazine. Needless to say, as I was describing my precious blog-baby, I went over the 1000. By about 200 words. I think going over a certain number of words while you're writing about numbers can be filed away under 'ironic'.

50.5* = the number of hours spent watching crime drama this month:
* this number could increase if I watch something tonight of course and it doesn't take into account the fact we watched some Sherlock more than once when there was nothing else on TV. Oh and ... I didn't count that 20mins of Luther I watched while flicking between channels last night either!

I don't normally do this - set myself a specific thing to measure, a specific number to total-up, a specific action to keep track of all month - but I thought that it might be fun for a change!

I love crime / legal / murder-mystery dramas and I always have. I have fond memories of bonding with my Grandma throughout my childhood over a good episode of Columbo or L.A Law!  And it continues to this day for me. But even though I knew I loved this kind of TV ... I still didn't expect my viewing of it to add up to over 2 whole days from the month!

Makes me wonder if I've transgressed some European Union time-directive ...

[Pssst: as this tally-charting was quite fun this month I'm thinking of broadening it out and opening it up so you could join me from time to time ... where we could all count the same thing so we can compare .. but more on this next month. OK?]

And finally ... here's a fool proof way you can feel 20+ years younger next month ... seriously ... take my word for it ... it happened to me ...  

I made a deliberate trip to the shops to buy two things.

Two things that had the power to make the years fall away.

Two things which, unlike expensive face serums or plastic surgery, didn't cost the earth or require stitches.

So what, exactly, are those two magical things that can you purchase in your local supermarket on the same day [like I did] that can whizz you straight back so you feel like your teenage self [like I did]? 

Well, they're ...
  1.  a newly released CD you've been eagerly anticipating even down to calendar watching for the release date [in my case it was Vampire Weekend] plus ... and this is the clincher ...
  2. ...  a tube of spot cream!
And suddenly ... you're 15 again!

Try it for yourself ...


OK - they were mine - what were yours? You're welcome, as always to throw your numbers in the direction of me and the ever-expanding band of international Month in Numbers bloggers out there ...

Here's how to join us:
If you've never joined in before there's a lot more information on the Month in Numbers page - including a 'How To' guide for you to take inspiration from. [You don't need to follow any guidelines other than those I'm about to set out below ... everything else I'll leave up to your own creative  interpretation!]

If you want to share a link to your Month in Numbers post / photo / layout etc for me to then visit, comment on, and then pin to the communal Month in Numbers Pinterest board then ...
  • Leave a link to it in a comment on this blog post ... but ... 
  • When you swing by my blog to drop off a link to your Month in Numbers post - please leave a comment for me while you're there. Not because I'm needy ... but because it's nice to not be link-bombed where all I can see is the dust your link left as it hits the ground ...
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  • And finally ... please try to take time at some point in the coming month to visit and comment on a few of the other posts too. It's always a real thrill reading through everyone's experiences and spotting patterns, coincidences and similarities between us all. As Maya Angelou once said: we are more alike than unalike!
  • Any further numbery questions - just ask - my email's in the sidebar.
Right then ... let the counting commence ... see you in June!

Julie :-)

p.s: don't forget there's now official Month in Numbers merchandise with 'Month in Musings' - the first of a new range - of 'memory-keeping by numbers' printable journaling cards. [Available to purchase as a download from my Etsy shop AND via SJ Dowsett's Little Musings store.


  1. Great numbers Julie x
    We too celebrated our anniversary & we are addicted to crime shows too Elementary is our favourite at the mo.
    Here are my numbers :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Great bunch of numbers, sounds like a busy month!

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both! Lovely set of numbers again this month Julie. I had a new CD this month, the first for Oh! forever... and funny, it made me feel at least 20 years (+20 but don't tell) younger 'cause I still love him...

  4. Oh I forgot to say I posted my Numbers today

  5. I love this months numbers and enjoyed your TV tally viewing. I haven't tried this one and may join you in June.
    Happy anniversary and congrats on your appearance in the local paper x

  6. I love the idea of us all comparing numbers on the same subject, but I warn you now, if its the amount of chocolate consumed I WILL beat you all!
    My month is here

  7. Mine is still in draft form but I will aim to post it ASAP. Happy anniversary guys you look gorgeous. I love the hours watching crime dramas, I do that too and might pinch it.
    Jo xxx

  8. Happy anniversary! I haven't done my numbers yet, I find it weird to write them when the month is still going, but I totally love the idea of everyone counting the same something, that will be a fun tally!

  9. just popped back to say i've posted a few numbers for this month x

  10. It would be great to all count the same thing for a bit of fun. I wonder how many hours I lose to tv - never dared count and as for the hours spent playing Angry Birds and Candy Crush - well I don't think I want to know those numbers LOL!!

    Fab numbers again, will get my numbers sorted out soon x

  11. Great numbers post. I imagine the crime drama numbers will drop for a while now that a lot of the programmes have finished until the autumn. I was going to suggest some Elementary dvds as you have said you appreciate Jonny Lee Miller but they haven't been released yet.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi Julie. Congrats on your anniversary, that is the same number we had last year. Don't know how you managed that steak though - massive.

    I've taken the plunge and joined in for the first time, although it is a bit of a boring post I am afraid - I will do better next month.

  14. Happy Anniversary!

    One Big Damn Puzzler is one of my all time favourite books. I read it on holiday one year and was laughing out loud on the beach.

    Love the newspaper's a really nice picture of you to go along with all the excellent words :)

  15. Happy anniversay, you definately don't look old enough. Glad you and your dress eventually found a suitable pce for lunch. You made me laugh with your CD buying taking you back to your youth. Love seeing the newspaper article and how funny to be next to the Star Trek page.

  16. Oops forgot to leave my

  17. Another great month in numbers Julie. They reveal such an insight in what we spend our time doing.
    Here's mine
    Off check what everyone else has been counting this month.

  18. Happy belated anniversary! Keep celebrating. :) You were a child bride, right?. ;)
    Every month when I see your pics I think I will read more books instead of blogs. Let´s see how I do this time. :D
    I love all the CSI, Law&Order and NCIS. We get them a bit out of order which might be confusing but it´s still better than nothing. :)
    I got a lot of numbers this month from 1 to 2255:

  19. My month in numbers is here -

  20. LOL! Glad to see someone else who watches too much TV! And crime dramas are definitely my weak spot.
    Happy anniversary,

  21. Seems the anniversary dinner turned out absolutely perfect :) I love dramas and crime shows. I have never been much for sitcoms which most people can't fathom. All of us counting one certain thing sounds cool although counting some things makes me very nervous...ya know... ignorance is bliss lol Used another printable this month!

  22. Great month I had a few giggles as I read.

  23. giggling along with your narrative - I understand the feeling of having read all the books in a library and the joy of visiting a different one.

    my numbers are up on

  24. Another anniversary in May :)

    Thanks for creating this prompt Julie!

  25. Wow, 21 years, congratulations and I love how your anniversary lunch turned out (although I suppose you weren't quite as pleased when you were driving round with rumbling tummies)

    It must have been exciting to be in the newspaper (since it was for a good story).

    Will have to check out One Big Damn Puzzler.

    My numbers are here:

  26. I finally found 5 minutes to play with your printables, love them!

  27. Hello Julie - another month of great numbers I see. You brought a tear to my eye (a January post on my blog would explain) and made me laugh both at the same time - and neither of you can possibly be old enough to be celebrating 21st anniversaries!!! I love to read your posts - you do have such a way with words. You might even have got me hooked on your numbers game - as I have a post of my own again this month.
    Happy Anniversary to you both, J x

  28. Great numbers. Happy 21st!
    Here are mine:

  29. Yay! Go you and your famousness and fabulousness for exceeding your target. Also congrats on the many years of togetherness. Long may it continue. Oh and I am quite jealous of your crime drama marathon. I still need to catch up on the new Poirot.
    I'm done now and back in the world of laptop life.

  30. Finally got round to blogging my numbers - at least I am not as late as last month LOL!!

  31. You cannot possibly be old enough, Julie, to have been with anyone for 21 years, apart from your parents! Many belated congratulations and hoping for many more happy youthful years to come, been scanning your post trying to find your secret to such youthful looks - is it the spot cream?

  32. Happy belated anniversary! Wow, that was a lot of great numbers and I really enjoyed reading your prose :) And you even made the newspaper! How brilliant!
    Looking forward to tallying with everyone ;)
    My May numbers are here:

  33. Wow! Go Julie, in the Kirk centre spread!! Well done you :) Also like how you've added up all your crime TV hours but what's this? No Endeavour? It is very good. Here are my numbers, predictably late as usual!


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