Friday 3 May 2013

Cardmaking for boys: with Month in Musings printables

Me again.

[Just as well really. It'd be weird if you found someone else here wouldn't it? Promise me you'll let ne know if you ever find squatters here?]

Anyway ... I promised the card makers amongst us that I'd share how the new Month in Musings printable cards can be put to use on cards as well as scrapbook pages. And it shouldn't be too hard to see why they'd be useful ... greeting's cards are no strangers to numbers are they?

Here's a card I made for our 16 year old nephew using two of the printables: a plain list design and one with 'The Maths' slogan across it:

I know some people struggle with male cards ... but I enjoy them.

[But then ... you are talking to the woman who announced recently 'Ooooh I like really everything on this fashion/accessories page, and that hardly ever happens' after looking at newspaper supplement magazine recently,only to realise, after going online to get a better look at the items, that they were all meant to be for men!]

Maybe it's because ... I like a bit of distressing ...

... like these torn washi-tape flags wrapped around regular old parcel string:
And I like a spot of grungy stencilling ...

... like I did here using a sequin-waste stencil and dark brown ink pad:
And I like getting a bit woodgrainy ...

... as on the Musings card and the numbers cut from a Studio Calico 'Here + There' paper:
... complete with a Papermania screw-head brad.

And hopefully the 16 year old in question liked it too. [Or at least didn't completely hate it. I'd settle for that from a teenager!]

Here's the full set of cards where you should be able to see a few more which would work well on cards:
Number themes obviously go hand in hand with birthday cards ... but they'd also work for:
  • anniversaries - especially the 'Counting the Moments' card;
  • 'Thank You's - especially the 'marks out of 10' or 'perfect day' designs;
  • 'Missing You' / Bon Voyage greetings - where you could mention the number of miles apart you are or how may days until the return;
  • and even 'New baby' ...
... and I could go on. And no doubt will!


Check back tomorrow [Saturday 4th May] when, seeing how it's International Scrapbooking Day  ... I might just be feeling a little bit generous and like spreading glad tidings to all of scrapbooking-kind!



  1. I think its a great card Julie :)
    I love the washi flags & inks spots.
    I think most boys would be happy to receive it x

  2. Lovely card. My April in numbers is here:

  3. I love every bit of these photos, and especially your clever washi tape flags. ....

  4. A lovely idea and I like the washi tape round the string

  5. Wonderful details on this card Julie.

  6. I like seeing how you've used the printables for something other than month in numbers - I love things that have more then one use. The layers on the card are brilliant as well. I love your attention to detail, not just throwing it all on, but the string, the stenciling - finishing it properly.


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