Wednesday 1 May 2013

Scrapbooking 'My Month in Numbers': April 2013

Hello, hello.
First ... a confession: even though I pride myself on being confident in my crafty-work [not in everything in life, but in that, yes] ... and even though I've been scrapbooking for aaages ... and even though I regularly make work for publication ... 
... I was nervous when I was making this layout!
 And the nerves were down to:
  1. despite having blogged 'My Month in Numbers' 40 times to date ... this is my first ever M in N layout! And also ...
  2. it's the first page I've made using the brand new Month in Numbers merchandising ... the Month in Musings printable cards:
And to be honest ... it was a little scary working with my own products! I really wanted to do them justice so I could show you how you they can work in your own scrapbooking ... whether you use them for your Month in Numbers or not.

So let's have a look shall we?
I wanted to fit quite a few cards on the page - so I could include as many numbers from my full Month in Numbers blog post for April as possible - and I think the gridded background [a Lily Bee paper from 3DJean] helped me decide to aim for a grid design for the overall page too. 
I used 4 of the printables on my 12x12 but, if I hadn't used so many photos, I could easily have fit 6 or more on there.

As the designs feature wood grain and washi-tape strips I wanted to echo that across my page so I used several different washi tapes ... including an appropriate wood grain:
And while some of the cards feature little number-themed prompts like the one above ... which are perfect if you scrap your Month in Numbers and for weekly, multi-pocket-style albums 

... there are several more that are more general like this one [where I ignored the numbers and just wrote on the card]:
 ... and this one where I recorded this month's reading list:
So, there you go ... the first ever page made using Month in Musings printable cards!

May it be the first of many!!


When you make anything with Month in Musings downloads make sure to let me know ... I want to see!
  • Come by my Facebook page with your projects;
  • Tweet me;
  • Leave me a blog comment or email ... whichever! Just show me show me!

Drop in on me tomorrow for a look at the second page I've made with the printables ... this time it's a non-number-themed layout.

Soon then.

Julie :-)


  1. And you've used them to such good effect on your page! Lovely soft colourway ...

  2. Yup! You've done them justice

  3. you have so done them justice. Does this mean you'll be making layouts each month now? hope so x

  4. But it is of course to use TSO's new phrase of the week "super cute"!

  5. I've never noticed that you don't create layouts for MMIN. I'm so unobservant! This one really does you, your scrapbooking talent, and your products justice though x

  6. I am just learning about your month in numbers...I can see where at times it can be quite a challenge to do. Fantastic page with your new products!!!!


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