Tuesday 30 April 2013

My Month in Numbers 2013: April

Hello there my ever faithful number-crunchers. How's things with you on this final day of April?

The sun's shining here, so much so that I even ditched my coat and went out in my denim jacket today [I was fully dressed beneath that though!]

But while those sun rays are telling me it's definitely spring now... this month has seen me making magazine projects with Christmas paper releases ... [yes, let's take a moment to digest that. Christmas ranges already] and I've also been working on something else a little festive too.

I feel a bit like one of those plants, insects and birds that get entirely confused  by climate change and they can no longer work out what season it is!

So, in this spirit of seasonal-slippage how about we make a leap back in time to the first day of this month?

Minus 1 degrees C = the temperature in my garden on April 1st when I braved the cold to take part in a traditional Easter weekend activity.

No, not the hunting or rolling of pretty Easter eggs wearing my best bonnet, but rather ...  titivating the garden ready for summer:
48.23 linear metres = the amount of decking I stained using 1 tin of 'Jacobean Walnut' wood preserver.

And look, how sensible I was ... I didn't even paint myself into a corner ... I just gradually backed-up towards the door so I didn't have to spend the rest of the day trapped in the greenhouse until it dried!

But that last little patch was haaaaarrrrddd work on my knees. I had to kneel on the step to keep my new wellies out of the wet varnish and then reach outwards to finish the last bit. And itwas just as hard on my wrists; after painting 47m I'd just about run out of stain and ended up having to squash the paintbrush down to squeeze out every last drop.

And it still needs a 2nd coat.  What joy! 

Oh and the new wellies I'm wearing in that photo?

They [kind of] saved me .... £230 ... because, after stopping myself from splurging on a pair of boots from America which I fell 100% in love with ... [they're these ones here if you want to see, they have a tiny bit in common with the wellies. But with less rubber.] ... I treated myself to  ...

... a pair of £14 Matalan wellies instead!!
And the way the sun's shining it's little heart out today I might be forgiven for thinking I had no further use for wellies ... but ...

3cm = the height of the drift of icy cold hail which landed on the bathroom window-sill [in a matter of minutes] during a flash hailstorm last week:
I'd seen friends in other areas of the country talking about the hail on Twitter but was thinking: "well, it's beautiful here today, and I've got washing drying on the line, I think the bad weather's missed us".

Famous last words.

An hour later a thunderous pounding of hail on the windows set me straight on that!

4 = the number of books read [even though I only photographed 3!]
Whether you've seen the Drive movie or not the book is a beautiful, airy, stylistic treat. One of those books you can just drink in. Can't recommend it highly enough. Glorious work.

[It's only downside is its distinct lack of Ryan Gosling. But hey, that's what Pinterest's for right?]

4 = the number of bags of shoes, bags and coats donated to charity.

I found myself getting rid of quite a few fun, colourful, 'fashion' type bags due to finally finding a perfect soft black leather bag in a timeless style and a tan/silver leather bag that goes with everything.

After all the fast-fashion ones were discarded I even caught myself saying that investing in these 'classics' means I don't need lots of others.

I sounded like every 'capsule wardrobe' magazine article I've read since I was 14. Only now I'm living it.

Does this mean I'm old now? ;-)

And ... while we're talking of donating to charity ...

12 = the number of posts I created for Push-Up Bra Blogging
3 = the number of special guests who took part
66 = the number of people who've donated so far [as of 11.17am 30.04.13]
£524.54 = the total amount the class has raised so far [as of 11.17am 30.04.13, which is after I grabbed this screenshot]: 

And I'm delighted to say that the donations continue to roll in as and when bloggers are gettinga round to reading and implementing the ideas in the series! My page will remain open for donations indefinitely.

OK, if there's a clever way for me to now segue from talking about fund raising to talking about wheelie bins ... then I can't think of it. So here's some bins ...

3 = the number of bins we now have round the back of the garage after taking delivery of the new blue recycling bin:
We keep our bins behind the garage as they just get in the way on the drive where they block the garage doors. And while it's never been ideal [we've always had to do some balletic re-shuffling to get the one at the back out] at least they were hidden. But now ... with 3 of them there. Oh dear.

Do you remember those slider games you used to have when you were little [you can play them on line now] where you had to move little tiles around to get them all back in order to make a picture? Well ...

... I have a feeling that bin-days round here are going to start to look like a real-world 3D version of that!

21 = the number of designs in the first of a new range of official Month in Numbers merchandise!! Here's the new 'Month in Musings':
For more on these hop back to yesterday's post here.

And ... finally ... and just when you thought it was safe to go back into my blog since I promised not to go on about the bumper box of Monster Munch snacks I got for my birthday ... someone went and did this ...

James had a parcel to collect from the depot so we went to collect it before work. As he emerged form the sorting office I noticed he was holding onto both the parcel he went for ... and ... a pizza box.

And there's only one person in our house who takes delivery of pizza boxes. [That's me!].

And we all know that Good Things come in pizza boxes.

Like ... pizza for a start! But also 12x12 scrapbooking papers.

But as I hadn't ordered any I was a bit confused as to what could be in there ... so I excitedly tore off the tape ... and quickly opened the only lid to find ...

6 packets of Titanic Snacks = the number of savoury treats a wonderful snack-facilitating friend sent me as a surprise!:
[For the record ... 0 = the number that are left!]

Aren't I lucky to have a friend like that?

Who doesn't want anchor and ship wheel-shaped salt and vinegar flavour snacks delivered into their hands unannounced? Who?


So that's me ... over to you. Feel free to read and join in. Just read and enjoy. Read, enjoy + think about joining in next time. Whatever you fancy this time round.

Here's a quick re-cap of the Month in Numbers good manners for those who are planning to or have already blogged a post and want to leave a link for myself and others to visit and/or pin to the Pinterest board.

Please bear in mind the shared aspect.
  • When you swing by my blog to drop off a link to your Month in Numbers post - please leave a comment for me while you're there. Not because I'm needy ... but because it feels fair. Reciprocal.
  • Please link to my blog in your post. As much as I'd like to think that everyone who reads your blog already knows what 'My Month in Numbers' means... the truth is, they don't. So unless you explain where the idea comes from and how your readers can join you in doing the same next month, they are none the wiser.
  • Please take time at some point in the month to visit and comment on a few of the other posts too.

Right ... will go make a cuppa in my biggest mug and settle down to read the posts I've spotted out there already!

Wishing you a happy month ahead.

Julie x


  1. Was that the hailstorm on Friday? Yeah. It was brilliant sunshine when I left the house for the 15 minute walk to the school. Minus a coat. I was at the school when it hit and just walking in the door at home when it stopped. Unimpressed.com

    That's one funky pair of wellies :P I kind of feel like I need to see these capsule bags...

    And wow - I thought we had it bad either having to drive the car off the drive to get a bin out then reverse back on... or try and do a two person pass the bin over the top of our (very tall) Zafira.

  2. Fabulous month in numbers as ever Julie x
    So glad you have reached your charity total :)

    Our decking is in desperate need of a coat of varnish too so you are very welcome to come help with ours, as it looks like you're doing a grand job ;)


  3. Lovely numbers xx

    We didn't get that hailstorm but the neighbouring town did, it did go mighty black here though.

    I feel your pain with the bins - we have just had the news that we are to get a third bin and I just don't know where it is going to go - I have the perfect space for two in the garden but three!!!!!! I hate the thought that I will have to lose some of my flower tubs for an extra wheelie bin.

    Will get my numbers sorted out in the next couple of days.

  4. We had the hailstorm too!
    Fab wellies, too good to paint decking in.
    I'm a whole lot older than you and I am still striving for the capsule wardrobe!

  5. Here is my Month In Numbers - http://mrsbeee.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/my-month-in-number-april.html

    I am due to receive 2 new bins on Friday - am I sad in really looking forward to that?? But I am sick of having to explain to local residents what can and cannot go into them in my line of work - it isn't rocket science!

  6. Glad you were fully clothed under your denim jacket - that really reassured me :0)
    Lovely numbers - you never know if I get bored with my marking tonight I might just get mine written.
    That was the hailstorm we hit on the M1. Never seen a road get covered that quickly. Now I never thought of getting the bus driver to stop so I could measure it ;)

  7. we take delivery of our blue bin in the next couple of weeks. The side of our garage will look like yours then. Great numbers. I must get back into recording/blogging mine even if they don't get scrapped. Loving the musings x

  8. It's fun reading everyone's numbers :) .... Cool wellies, I must say :)

  9. Eeek! You got rid of SHOES? What were you thinking? The boots are a great replacement , mind you. Don't mention bins - we have four here, and redesigned the entrance area to build an outside cupboard to house them all :). Lovely romp through your numbers and great to hear you so upbeat.

  10. Great list of numbers once again. Sounds like your weather has been very chilly, will stop complaining about our 17 degrees.

    We have a huge amount of decking at our place and use a sheepskin applicator on the end of a mop. Much easier, although you wouldn't fit it in your little can.

    Also, apart from getting the bins in and out on bin day, how do you get rubbish into the back bin during the week. Someone must have very long arms.

  11. I forgot to leave my link:


  12. Congrats on the fundraising! Trying out your new stuff :) http://beglorious.blogspot.com/2013/04/april-in-numbers.html

  13. My Nan and Pop are honorary life members of Save the Children, so happy to see you have chosen such a worthy cause

    I'm excited to join in :) I hope I'm doing it right!


    Hopefully I'll be back next month.

  14. Second time of joining in. I love your wellies, who needs the designer ones. Here's my wee http://suzycad.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/month-in-numbers-april.html?m=1

  15. I always enjoy reading your month in number posts, even though I am never organised enough to keep track of numbers of things during the month so I can join in.

    Love those wellies btw. And congrats on reaching your target for donations.

  16. Cool wellies! Just two books for me, now I´ll be reading my kids books for school. It seems they are fun. (teen novels) :D
    My daughter just brought me a note for the school´s charity project, I might be putting my bags number next month.
    Awesome work on the blog series and congratulations on the launch of the cards.
    YOU have lovely friends. :)
    Just noticed I´ve been participating for over a year! http://keepitsimplemakeitgreat.blogspot.com.ar/2013/05/aprils-summary-may-plans.html

  17. Congratulations on the fundraising Julie, it's not easy to rraise funds these days. Love your month . We had the storm here in the west but as scary (for the dog) as it was I got some great pictures. My MiNs are here

  18. Hello Julie - Though I have read and many of your participants posts in the past I am a newbie to this myself, as I have never joined in with your meme before, but in April I had some very important numbers I needed to remember - so here is a link to my post http://jeant-jinnag.blogspot.com/2013/05/a-month-in-numbers.html
    I love your new designs - though for me they are not colours I have much of, though I love them in other peoples work. I mostly use peaches and creams and greens in my work I have discovered - along with neutrals. I do hope you expand your colour range. I have started to use some of the tips in your class - so a very big thank you - and intend making use of many of others. (I have lost my way a lot this last year - in all kinds of ways - but enough of that)Many kind regards, J x

  19. Fab set of numbers and I love your new printables. They will most definitely be making their way into my collection.
    I can imagine soooo much fun to be had by the bins just beware that when playing the slidy game you don't back yourself into a corner!
    Mine numbers are online too...

  20. As promised I've blogged my first month in numbers now I need to follow your good advice and continue. Thanks for the inspiration

    here's my link

  21. Yee haw! I finally did a month in numbers page. After reading and enjoying and contemplating for several months. I'll be posting mine on Tuesday.

  22. I got back to posting my month in numbers this month. Now to just keep it up.

  23. Finally got around to posting my numbers.

    Your month looks eventful! :)

  24. and what rad boots they are too.

    I posted my numbers http://helenascreativemaven.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/april-account.html

    still loving this part of my month end routine - thank you

  25. Just posted my month in numbers at this post:
    Will definitely try to go check out some of the others.

  26. At last i've managed to post April's numbers

    thanks Julie x

  27. Woefully late with my numbers but I have excuses (kind of!) http://juliaheald.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/my-month-in-numbers-april.html
    We also have three bins and regularly participate in bin ballet on the different days they are collected! Well done on the clear out and good luck with the capsule wardrobe!

  28. Oh yes! And well done on the charity total :) I still haven't digested all the PUBATB posts but still plan too soon :)

  29. I am really late posting this but here is my link


    I love your numbers as always.

  30. And finally here I am posting my numbers for April - ooops don't think I have ever been this late before!!!


  31. I am even later than KraftyKaren but I finally posted my numbers for April: http://anounceofcreativity.blogspot.com/2013/05/my-month-in-numbers-for-april-2013.html

    I love your rocking wellies and they are a lot cheaper than those boots! I always appreciate your book reviews and will be checking out Drive and, lastly, I want to congratulate you on your launch of your Month in Numbers cards!

    Onto May numbers now! :)


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