Tuesday 23 April 2013

Cardmaking: with skulls and stripes

Hi you.

It's my day to post on the 3DJean design team blog today and, as usual ... because I like to make the most with what I've already got ... I'm sharing my project with you here too. [Now where would I get an idea like that from?] ;-)

So, here's the card:
It was a birthday card for a girl who turned 13 and, after seeing her wearing the current trend for skulls and studs ... I wanted to create a fun, punkish-skully-but-still-cute card for her.

[For the record: there's only been a short period in my life when I didn't like skulls and studs! I have to thoroughly resist the temptation to talk about when I wore all that the first time around ... partly because it makes me sounds ancient .. and partly because it really wasn't the first time around! Nothing's new is it? Fashion just goes around and around.]

I've gone off on one again haven't I? OK, back to the card:
The gorgeous turqouise stripe backing paper, and the blue + pink checks on the die-cut heart comes from the 6x6 Les Edition de Infocrea pad from 3DJean. And that gloriously neon frame is a very old BamPop design.

The skull charm is from The Ribbon Girl and everything else was either loitering around in my stash for years, or borrowed [like the heart bunting die] ... so I can't really give you any more info on those. [Call myself a professional? Sheesh!]

 Anyway ...

So, what do you think? A good balance of cute and edgy for a teenage girl's card? [Who am I kidding ... I like it now and it's a loooong time since I was a teenager!].
*Goes off to polish-up skull earrings*
I'll be back later this week [maybe tomorrow, maybe Thursday] with the final 'approach' in my Push-Up Bra Blogging series.
I was planning a round-up post for the final final post, where I'll try to tie-up any loose ends and answer any burning questions so ... do you have any?
If you do - or if there's anything at all you'd like to raise or suggest:
  • just leave a comment on any Push-Up post, email me [my address is in a link in my blog sidebar >>], Facebook me, Tweet ... shout really loudly when the wind's in the right direction. you get the idea.
  • I'm happy to keep any questions 'anonymous'!
p.s: I need less than £90 now to reach my target so, if youve got £1 to spare ... you can donate it here.]
Julie :-)


  1. I love it..and it's a very long time indeed since I was a teenager :) I do have a teenager birthday coming up soon and I can give you my personal guarantee - this is what they like!

  2. Love it - a refreshing change from cheese cards about shopoholics and such like!

  3. Great and fresh card Julie !

  4. My daughter's favourite scarf has skulls hidden in the pattern so it's not just teenagers who love them ! Great cards.

  5. Love the card...I actually have a skull scarf myself....and I can't even remember when I was a teenager!!

  6. *SQUEAK* that card is mega-uber-awesome! My inner goth is now happy...

  7. It totally rocks! The winking eye really makes it. Congrats on the fund raising.

  8. Yes, I think you have have admirably fulfilled your brief here! The blue and pink looks great together and I always admire your layering ....


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