Monday 8 April 2013

Card making: Tri-fold aperture card [2] with a secret squid and some nuclear physics

Hi, hi.
When I launched the Push-Up Bra Blogging series a few weeks back I assured those of you with no interest in blogging tip whatsoever that I'd be continuing to blog my usual crafty-content in between.
And here I am! As good as my word.
In fact ... looking back I've realised that in between 6 Push-Up posts I've managed to squeeze 4 regular posts so I think I'm doing pretty well. [Apologies if my choice of phrasing there means that you've now got a mental image of something being squeezed in a push-up bra ...].
What's worth poiniting out here is that I've managed to maintain regular blogging alongside a special series due to using the approach I'm going to be sharing with you next week [on Thursday 19th April]. And if you're someone who ends up scrabbling around with projects and photos and blog posts all at the last minute, every time  then this, more than any other approach in the series, is the one you NEED to read! [Consider this your last week of frantic last-minute blogging, because after next Thursday that's all going to change ... ].
OK, enough of the big talk and let's get on to today's crafty-share ... another fun, mini, tri-fold aperture card. This time with a sneaky stamped squid* hiding inside:
[*OK, I think he's actually an octopus ... but that spoiled my alliterative introduction!]

This card uses a strip of kraft cardstock as a base just like the tri-fold aperture card I showed you earlier. Only with this one I didn't cover the card with patterned paper before die-cutting it, so I had to decorate around the X-Cut postage-stamp shaped aperture:
Washi tape came in quite useful for this ... and I couldn't resist some silver sparkle in there too. And here he is fully revealed. Tentacles and all ...:
He's actually a clear acrylic stamp by Kars coloured quickly and not at all expertly with ProMarkers.

I even decorated the back of this one with text from an old Russian book about nuclear physics. Because nothing says 'Just thinking of you' like a card featuring an octopus and fun facts on fission.
This particular set of cards was one where I mainly relied on using the bits from my scrap bag and so I used several of those [now here's where you tell me there's an actual name for these things] ... one of those fancy little patterned strips you get along the bottom of 12x12 sheets of patterned paper .. the
ones which you can't bear to throw away as you'll find a cute use for the one day! [And now I have!].

Finally, here's a shot to help give you a better idea of the scale of this mini set:

That's my thumb which, for the record, is pretty average in size ... although it may have been easier to just tell you the finished card is approximately 8x8cm square!

I've got a couple more of these cards tucked up my sleeve [not literally, even though they are small enough!] ... so I'll share them some time soon. Before you're tired of tri-fold apertures. [Who said 'too late?'] ;-)

Right, I'll leave you to your Monday. The start of a new week sounds like the perfect time to catch-up on your Push-Up Bra reading ... and maybe squeeze in a £1 donation to my Save the Children fundraising afterwards? Maybe?

I'll see you on Wednesday if not before.

Julie :-)


  1. I think branding strip is the name you were looking for. That's a supercute dinky little card. I'm enjoying your blogging series and want to share it with some colleagues who are starting a work focused blog - just not sure how they will take all the bra references though!
    BTW - trying not to be too picky, but I think it's a bi-fold card - it may have three 'pages' but it has two folds...........

  2. He's a cutie. Now physics there's a subject I know alot about ....not!I have fond memories of dropping stones into trays of water to watch wave patterns why?

  3. Super cute card Julie.

    And...I'm really enjoying the bra thing! Can't wait until the 19th but already I am taking on board your suggestions and am about to start a little regular 'stash I have bought' on my blog.

    Liz x

  4. Dear Julie, This is a tonic right at the end of my long, long day! I've been informed, entertained and enthused - I think you are a whole BBC on your own :).. What a cute tiddler of a card and I would never have guessed Olly was a stamp. Roll on the next post: longing for, freeze-in-fright and posting-panic (learning from your alliteration!) to be A Thing Of The Past … Devotedly desperate, Alexa.


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