Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Simply A Moment [April]: Holding onto my smalls

Hi, hi.

This isn't meant to be a post to prove that I practice what I preach ... but hey ... if it kills two blogging-birds with one post ... who am I to argue?!

I spent much of last week persuading you that joining in with a play-along blogging feature created by someone else makes for great, interesting, blogging ammunition. And then yesterday I joined in the UKScrappers blog-hop and here I am today, managing to join in Alexa's 'Simply A Moment' meme for the 4th month running.

Recording your own 'Moment', once a month, allows you to stop, pause and record something which could otherwise have disappeared into the ether. To learn more you can read Alexa's tips on how to record your own moments and visit her blog to read her latest. If you do join in there's a link box there for you to add your post.

And here's mine ...

Holding onto my smalls

Date: Monday 15th April 2013
Time: around 10:30am
Location: home + garden

I really need to peg that washing out now.

What exactly was the point of me setting the timer to have it all freshly washed for when I got up at 8am ... when I ended up not getting out of bed 'til 9 ... and then leaving the washing in a heap on the floor until now?

And, says my conscience, you've got two cards to make and two articles to plan out today remember?

Yes. I remember.

To avoid further delays and distractions I take the laptop upstairs, out of sight.

At the bottom of the stairs the laptop power cord slips and the plug strikes the huge radiator making a deep, resonant, gong-like sound that fills the stairwell ...

... and I wonder if I've just summoned the whole neighbourhood for lunch ...

OK, outside now. It's breezy.

Retractable washing line: out and hooked in place. Sun: feels warm.

I pretend not to notice the glowering grey clouds in the distance.
These babies are drying on this line today. Come rain or shine. [OK, there's an inherent flaw in that argument. I'll give you that].

As usual I peg out in colour order. It's not an OCD thing. Not a compulsive disorder. Maybe a colour disorder? 

That apricot jumper sitting pretty in the middle makes me happy! I love that colour. And it's softness.

It's so blustery. I'm struggling to get the pegs in place. And I hear in my head the phrase uttered by generations of women before me: it's a good drying day. Isn't it just?

I'm almost at the end of the line now. Literally. Not figuratively.

I debate about whether or not to pin my undies on to the remaining few inches of line. Should I?

It's certainly a good drying day but ...  but it could easily turn into a 'oh my, my knickers have blown off the line and are now stuck in my neighbour's tree' day.  And who wants that?

I decide against it. It's for the best.

I bend down, pick my pants up off the floor ... and head back inside.


Thanks for stopping for a moment to share mine.  Don't forget to visit Alexa's to read more.

I'll be back tomorrow with Chapter 9 of Push-Up Bra Blogging ... and this time we'll be looking into some of the trickier sides to blogging ...

See you then then.

Julie :-)


  1. :) who'd have thought hanging your smalls out (or not) could be a moment recorded for prosperity. Brilliant post....I have a line full of washing out too..and it feels good!

  2. I love that you peg your clothes out in colour order!

    Never, never, never, never peg the undies out!

  3. Hanging washing is one of my loathsome tasks- but its cos its usually inside!

  4. Reading your moment from the other side of the ocean, I'm fully enjoying all of the clearly British words and sayings. Very little outside drying happens in my neighborhood - when it is done, we call it "hanging out the laundry". I'd never heard the term "pegging" yet I still knew immediately what you meant! Thanks for sharing your moment (and not your knickers!).

  5. There's something about line dried clothes isn't there? Pleased to hear you managed to hold onto your undies!

  6. So delighted you've linked up again, Julie, and given us the pleasure of your wonderfully humourous writing - it's like being able to sit right inside your head and hear you think! Never mind the apricot jumper, it's that fence colour I am drooling over! I'm still hoping I'll get to visit one year :). Many thanks again for brightening my day!

  7. Fab post Julie, I agree, hanging out the knickers is way too risky ;)
    C xx

  8. ooh thanks for leaving me a message on my blog stating that I have won very exciting woop woop!!! Sadly the email link doesn't work as I don't have outlook. Could you either let me have your email or email me at furrypig3 at yahoo dot co dot uk

    thanks xxx

  9. Someone else who likes her washing line to be orderly. Mine is rotary si I have to have smallest on the inside going out to the bigger things - and all balanced so that the same sizes are on opposite sides so it spins evenly.... My Dad was an engineer and kept on about balance. I have never worried about my knickers on the line... never even thought of it... until now ~sigh~

  10. I was thinking about you and your 'overheard' posts as I was listening to two of the kids at work today, and thought I would check in with your blog. As ever, you have got me thinking, and hopping onto that next blog...
    Thanks for the inspiration, Julie, you are a star!

  11. This made me smile. It has been so windy with us recently! I had to go and de tangle the sheets on the line today!

  12. I love fresh washing out on the line and admit to also liking my colours co-ordinated!

  13. I haven't dried clothes outside in years(!), but I have very distinct memories of the fresh, clean scent they have when they are brought in. Believe it or not, the community/development we live in doesn't allow clothes lines, so I will have to move in order to experience line-dried clothes again!

    My OCD moment with hanging clothes is that alike things have to go together AND I like to fold the clothes before they go into the basket.

  14. You made me giggle with you pegging in colour order. I have so much washing to peg out I just get it up as quickly as possible ... undies and all.

  15. I was sure I had left a.comment yesterday but blogger must have been pmahing up. The first time my Mum fame round after I was married and I was pegging out my washing i realised that she was marching round the garden after me re pegging everything in a neater manner!

    Maybe we should all peg out our smalls on a windy day and label them and see whose can blow the biggest distance lol

  16. Yep, you've got to keep an eye on those smalls: they can get away from you before you know it..

  17. Such a great idea recording these moments and such fun to read.

  18. Good decision with the undies. You never know when a breeze will whip them off the line and into someones tree :0)
    Thanks for sharing your moment :0)

  19. I love this moment and your PHOTO!!! I have "thing" for clothes lines and this one just totally tickles my fancy.

  20. Love love love this post. Now I thought I was the only one who pegs out in order! I pegged out for the first time this year, this week and today is a great drying day
    if only I hadn't done it all yesterday and put it in the dryer!

  21. well, my husband laugh at me because I order the clothespins by colors when I peg out... now I see the are others even more "fussy" than me!!
    super funny story, thank you!

  22. I'm another who likes order in their washing line - looking forward to having one at the new house. As well as the sheila maid airer we use here - when it's raining or just too grey out.

    Hope you got your cards and articles done.

  23. This really made me smile :) I pegged out my first load of the year yesterday - I don't do it in colour order, but I do have to have all the knickers together, then the socks and then the larger garments!


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