Saturday 13 April 2013

Push-Up Bra Blogging prompt + Jenni Bowlin Studio Giveaway

Hello again.

I'm sneaking-in with an extra post [which wasn't in my original Push-Up Bra Blogging schedule] because the good people at Jenni Bowlin Studio Mercantile made me an offer I couldn't refuse ...

... if I issued a blog challenge to their forum members I could raise awareness of Push-Up Bra Blogging and my Save the Children fundraising efforts at the same time! So how could I say no?

Click on image to view the full schedule - with links to the chapters available so far.
Now, so far, I'm happy with this opportunity ... and Save the Children will be happy [not to mention the children they help] ... but there's even something to make you and their forum members happy too ...
Here's how it works:
  • I add a Push-Up Bra Blogging-related prompt to their current list of challenges for April ...
  • their forum members get to hear about my series and, hopefully, help me to gather-in the remaining 39% I need to reach £500!!
  • then ... forum members who respond to my prompt in a blog post or online gallery, and add a link to JBS, then post a link to their finished response in this challenge thread on the JBS forum get entered into a prize draw to win a $25 JBS Mercantile Gift Card!
But, better still ...
  • anyone who leaves their link both on [1] the thread over in the forum AND [2] here on this post on my blog gets their name entered into the prize draw twice!
  • Plus you can enter lots more challenges from their April list to gain lots of additional entries!
If you're not already a member of their forum member, you just need to sign-up over there first and you can read the full challenge instructions here. [Offer closes at the end of this month when JBS Mercantile - not me - will randomly select a winner.]

So ... let's quickly move on to the challenge itself!

* I'm happy for you ALL to join in with this prompt whether or not you wish to take part in the giveaway.
  • If you've been following the Push-Up Bra series so far than this would make a fun, easy, very-little-thinking-or-preparation-involved blog post for you!
If you're joining me 'just for fun' then you can respond however you choose  ... but to enter the prize draw it must be posted in a blog post or online gallery + must follow the rules set out by JBS.

If you need some inspiration on how to answer the prompt - why not re-visit Chapter 2 'The McFly Approach Pt 2' where I list lots of ways that blogging can have a positive effect on us.

Then mybe you could respond with:
  • a blog post sharing something positive blogging has brought to your life it might be serious ... or frivolous ... long .. or a single sentence ...
  • a photograph of something representing your 'good thing' [maybe a group of friends you've met through blogging or a prize you won, a comment you received] and a few words of explanation ...
  • or maybe a scrapbook page or art journal entry ...
Whatever it is don't forget to leave me a link here - so I can come by and read your good thing ... and if you're entering the draw remember you'll need to follow the JBS Mercantile instructions too.

And if you want to respond super-simply [but it won't count towards the giveaway] you could swing by my Facebook page and share your one good blogging thing there too.

OK then, while you get to thinking let me leave you with another reminder of my Save the Children fundraising ...
  • I'm hoping to convert the many hours I've spent planning, researching and writing this free series [not to mention having to draw a push-up bra for my logo!] into at least £500 worth of aid;
  • The series has had a few thousand page-views so far ... and 40 donations;
  • 39 generous people [I made donation #1 of 38!] have helped me reach 61% of my target ...
  • ... so now I need YOU, if you can, to DONATE JUST £1 to get me to my total!
  • Just Giving is an established fundraising site and you can donate anonymously. Please consider helping.
  • Thank you - you're amazing.
Julie :-)


  1. Blogging has enabled me to make and meet lots of new friends who I love. I have learned so much about my own writing abilities, which aren't the best, it has enabled me to links with the outside world when my bipolar is so bad I can't blog myself but can read, it has introduced me to new knowledge and I have learnt loads about blogging, crafting and so much more. Without my blog, my life would be a tiny bit worse,
    Jo cccc

  2. This is a fab challenge - here's my post -;postID=3956375733364462782

  3. I have blogged about attending my first ever crop, not sure if I would have done it if I hadn't got to know people via blogging and virtually then in real lifw which enabled me to be brave enough to attned a local crop where I didn't know anyone! Details are found here

  4. Blogging has helped my daughter and I raise almost $6000 to fight leukemia and lymphoma! Not a little thing at all. And your blog is helping children who need it!

  5. Lovely challenge! I'm participating in your challenge via Jenni Bowlin's forum, so I'm a two-fer! One wonderful thing about blogging to me is VALIDATION. The fact that I'm not alone, and someone, somewhere poked her head into my craft room and said, “ I like what you've done here, and I understand you.”

    And here's my blog post linking back here:

    Thank you for the challenge, it evoked a lot of thought and best wishes with your fundraising! Erika


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