Wednesday 15 May 2013

Card making: inspired by Tron. Plus how to sneak neon pink onto a man's card.


For my 3DJean Design Team post this week I've been experimenting with a new set of background stamps from Infocrea [Jean always likes to source brands you don't often find elsewhere].

When I saw the circuit-board design I immediately knew what I wanted to try with it ... an anniversary card inspired by the movie Tron to give to my favourite sci-fi fan.

[If you are my favourite sci-fi fan then STOP LOOKING NOW ... you're not meant to see this just yet!]

[And ... to clarify: my favourite sci-fi fan lives with me ... sorry if you thought it was you. But hey, I like you too. I just don't think we've got an anniversary coming up just yet ... have we?].

Anyway ... back to the Tron card:
I thought that if the circuit-board background was combined with bright colours [inspired by those in the film] it would give me an 80s sci-fi, space-age edge to the design rather than drift down the perhaps more obvious Steampunk-ish route. And so ...

I dug out some heat-embossing powders I haven't used for a long while and used them alongside a brand new [soon to be released] X-Cut 'Hexagon' nesting die:
After stamping and embossing my hexagons once, I went over the design again in a contrasting colour:
Then, after adding them to from of the card with 3D foam pads I stencilled down one edge with the  Tando Creative 'Distorted Harlequin' mask using a white chalk ink:
Here's the finished result:
I stamped the sentiment in blue and embossed with clear powder and the finishing touches are a strip of black sticky tape and American Crafts glitter tape in bright pink:
I really never anticipated using bright pink embossing powder and glitter tape on a card for a man ...

... but I think ... by invoking the almighty neon-glory of 80s sci-fi ... I might just get away with it!
You could take inspiration from Tron too ...
  • you could you adapt this idea you the sci-fi fan in your life;
  • you could use the stamps as a background in your art journals;
  • you could challenge yourself to sneak in some luminous pink into a 'masculine' project!
  • or else ... just get yourself trapped in cyberspace ... wait ...
... how long have you been online today ... maybe you're already there ... ?
Julie ;-)
** For further details on the products used on the card see my original post on the 3DJean DT blog.


  1. Oh I love those stamps! Will be great for the men in my life. I have to go and buy them! Great card:)

  2. I love this card and you know what, when I saw it on facebook this morning I thought, oh it looks like it's inspired by Tron and then read the title of your post, so great job!!!
    I love those stamps, got to try to get some!

  3. OK, first you go off and have that thing with your other blog wife, and then I find out I'm not your favourite sci-fi fan. Does blog marriage mean NOTHING to you?

    Then again, those hexagon dies are kind of doing it for me and my quilt-curious heart, so I'll probably forgive you and carry on loving you like crazy.



  4. Sucked me in with that title! The 80's revival is having an effect on our laundry..and I feel I will soon need an idea for a man's card which says "sorry your shirts have gone neon pink"

  5. That is brilliant Julie

    I just love those stamps

    Suzy x

  6. Am looking at those stamps in another tab as I write. Couldn't help chuckling that your heat tool is also neon pink!

  7. That's a great card. Definitely think pink is acceptable in this instance

  8. you done a great job and got away with it x


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