Friday 10 May 2013

Scrapbooking: The Sleeping Modern Art Installation

Hi, hi, hi.

If you like modern art [which I do] and if you're ever passing Middlesbrough [which I also do] then do yourself a favour and drop into MIMA [Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art].
James and I visited MIMA again last week, but today's project is a page I scrapbooked after spending a morning there last summer ... where we could almost have been mistaken for some modern performance art installation:
One of the gallery spaces had sofas in it and a table covered in magnetic shapes which you could use to create your own impromptu collage. I don't think it was just meant for kids but you can never tell with some 'interactive' type displays can you?

Now, you know me, there was no way I was going to be able to resist stopping to make a colourful collage was there? So [as I say in the journaling] I sat down and began to assemble colours and patterns while James ... well:
... James just enjoyed sitting down:
OK, so it's more like laying down. [Maybe he was trying to recreate Sam Taylor Wood's 'David' - a video portrait of David Beckham sleeping ... maybe he was just tired. It was a Saturday morning after all!]

That's my finished collage [above on the right] and .... while I really can't remember what the theme of the display was meant to be ... judging by how I combined a local landmark - the Transporter Bridge - balancing tea cups on its head, standing astride two yellow chairs resting on a coffee table ... I'm guessing it was something about 'Home'  ... or maybe surrealism?!

And while I was browsing through my old book page collection [which you can do here] I was amused to find this snippet in an old architecture book:
I think it perfectly sums up how James and I expressed our respective characters when faced with that table and those sofas!


This weekend I  hope you ...
  • get to do something creative ...
  • or else ... get plenty of rest. 
Or better still ... go to sleep in an art gallery and do both at once! 

I'll see you next week no doubt.

Julie :-)


  1. This post makes me so happy! So, does lounging about on the couch in my PJs, browsing blogs till midday count? Granted, I'm suddenly in the mood to go make something. In my PJs, of course.

  2. Oh, that sounds like fun! We are all kids, aren't we? Love the background you chose to make all your colors pop.

  3. Sounds like a fun day out, love the layout

  4. LOL! I'm doing better on the rest than the creativity.

  5. A weekend of creativity sounds perfect...
    just need to sort the housework first!!

    Lovely lo to remember your time there x

  6. What super photos showing us someone of your respective characters :). I also love your colourway for this - the bright pops against the soft taupe is very stylish and definitely worthy of an art gallery. I'm thinking Mondrian - only better!


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