Thursday 2 May 2013

Scrapbooking with 'Month in Musings' printables: Holding on to my smalls!

Hi, hi.

Do you play along with the Simply A Moment meme over at Simply Alexa?
I've been joining in this year, blogging my own 'moment' around the mid-point of each month and, while I don't usually set myself the task of regular scrapbooking on a set theme or for a specific album, for some reason or another I've also been scrapping my pages too.  I think it satisfies the part of me that responds well to a deadline ... I like the clarity I get from knowing that, in a world of ideas pulling me this way or that, there's always another 'moment' queueing up to be scrapped ... and so I do. And there's another page made.

I haven't shared any of them here yet but ... if you learnt anything about me from Push-Up Bra Blogging ... you'll know that they're all bound to make an appearance at some point. And you'll also have learnt that I'm not fussed about blogging things in chronological order so, despite not sharing January, February or March's pages ... here's Aprils!
I wanted to use one of my new 'Month in Musings' printables on a non-number-themed page, not only to show their versatility to potential customers .. but to myself too because, let's face it, these are something I'm going to be spending a lot of time with, and I want to make the most of them!

And, when it came to selecting one to add to my 'moment' page ... what better design could there be but this one?!
[BTW: I printed out my Month in Musings on 6x4 matte photo paper I found i the £1 shop. I just printed out each digi-file as I would a regular 6x4 photo.]

This was one of those pages - do you do this? - that I thought I'd finished ...

I've been keping all my Simply A Moment pages fairly simple, with similar layout designs for continuity [again, not something I ever usually do ... I must be undergoing some scrapbooking evolutionary process!!] and I thought the [page had everything I wanted it to have:
  • the photo from my original Simply A Moment post in April;
  • the text from that post, printed off and tucked in a pocket behind the photo
  • journaling block with a quote from the original blog post
  • doily die-cut, washi tape
  • and a title:
... but then ... I looked at again and it just felt ... a bit naked.
Then - bear with me on this - I remembered that that morning I'd seen a sequin on the carpet at the top of the stairs .. as you do ... and it got me thinking!

[You crafters will sympathise with me on that won't you? You must find all kinds of crafty oddments in odd places from time to time, don't you? Also - note how I didn't bother to pick it up when I saw it! Crafting is also a good excuse for not doing housework!]

And so ... I did actualy go back and pick up the stray sequin, to see if the colour matched my page and it did ... so I found some more [they weren't all on my carpet, the rest came from my embellishment box!] and glued a few, here and there, to my page:
I then finished off with a few lines of stitching through some of them and also through my title, and then flicked some ink at page for good measure.

Here's the final page again [to save your scrolling finger]:
I know the additions were fairly light and unobtrusive, but ...

... by adding a little bit of extra colour and interest they just seem to have made everything feel a little less 'naked'.

Like when a stripper leaves her hat on ... 


The printables are available in:

Tomorrow I'll share a card-making approach to the new printables ... and it's on card for a boy.

In a craft-world of flowers and bling I know many of you like to see examples of styles suitable for the men in their life so drop back on Friday ... OK?

You can leave your hat on.

Julie ;-)


  1. Oh now I am thinking of Tom Jones!! and singing of course and I will just have to watch The FM AGAIN tonight.
    I love your page but more than that I love how you told the tale of the making.

  2. ps I totally understand the sequin on the floor thing. After all, if I pick it up and put it on my desk it will be lost forever.

  3. Oh how much I love the sequin on the floor!! And this - -
    Like when a stripper leaves her hat on ... I howled with laughter when I got to here. Thank you Julie - you will never know just how much I needed that laugh my dear - This morning has been - difficult should I say? certainly very "watery" for me anyway - and I can't give a reason - inspite of the beautiful weather I am struggling today. J x

  4. My beading group had a little discussion recently about creativity versus housework - and I confessed that housework only happens in my house when it's so messy that I can't find my crafting supplies! Ho hum!

    Catching up on your amazing Push Up Bra Series - it's fantastic. Congratulations lovely x

  5. I hope there will be room on your page to add a little bit from your post today about the sequin and the constructing of the page! Lovely to see your completed page with the numerical bits on ...

  6. I've seen sequins appearing on a lot of layouts recently, obviously you can tell a crafter lives in the house by the type of debris on the floor!
    Such small things but make a big difference.

  7. Great layout I laughed out loud when I read about the sequin because there is a pink diamante on the top stair just waiting to be used.

  8. Housework is over rated and what stair carpet isn't enhanced by the addition of a.glittery little embellishment or two!

    Love the layoutt, love the printables, now to get my printer up and running again

  9. Can't be doing the naked thing!....a fab lay out.

  10. Gorgeous layout, Julie! And I'm totally with you on working better on a deadline- even if it's a "fun" one!

  11. Sequins AND seed beads here ;) Blog-hopping between cleaning up & comforting a vomiting child here... perfect therapy for those in-between moments ;)

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