Wednesday 22 May 2013

Card making: It's lovely! [Hopefully *lovely* anyway. I can't tell. It's in Russian!]

Well hello there. Come in, come in.

No need to take your shoes off. You can't see dirt on this floor anyway. [A masterstroke on my part selecting a grey and brown striped carpet!]. Anyways ...

... here's a mini card I made featuring one heat-embossed heart, [washed-over with colour from a spray-ink bottle + a paintbrush] plus ... one little hand-cut foreign text heart.

Which all kind of builds up to me not being able to resist introducing it as  ... from Russia ... with love:
The small vintage text paper packs I have in the shop have been popular lately - the 'Numbers & Diagrams' sets in  particular - so ... I thought I'd draw your attention to the 'Foreign Language' text packs as another option:
I've managed to collect a fair few foreign language books which, of course, are only 'foreign' to me! I would re-name them but 'non-English language' packs doesn't sound as catchy ... but I fully accept that some of them won't be foreign to some of you!

I can always create custom packs - or I'm happy just to take suggestions for the future too - but here's what you can find inside the current sets:
... each pack contains several sheets of each language ...
I like to use them as backgrounds in journal pages as well as for stamping on to, and for smaller, focal points such as die-cut flowers ... and hearts.
And ... while I may not be able to read what this actually says ... I can rest assured that it's not anything rude or risqué because ... it came from an old book on nuclear physics!

All the other papers in the packs come from traditional phrase books and, unless I've missed anything, there aren't any untoward phrases translated in them!

The current batch of 'Foreign Language' packs are just £4 and you can find them here.

If you treat yourself then do enjoy them ...

... whatever they might say!

Julie :-)



  1. I love the card Julie and the heart looks too.lovely to have some physics on it lol, the beauty of not knowing what it says. I think one of these packs might on my list

  2. I'm so loving yellow. Could it be because I'm missing the sun? I'm always careful when using dictionary pages because you never know!!! Fab card.

  3. It is indeed lovely, especially in your favourite yellow. ( If it IS still your favourite, that is. ) Your super packs deserve to do very well indeed. Also love your painty background ...

  4. It's a beautiful card. A couple of years ago I bought some foreign language pages ..there's nothing quite like them to get the imagination going. Now I know where to come for some exciting new ones. Nuclear physics? makes you wonder who else might have read that

  5. It certainly is a lovely card :)

  6. Hi Julie,
    I have nominated you for a blog award. Please visit my blog for details.I know you may not fall exactly within the criteria but you have inspired me so much.Thank you for your inspiration.

  7. I knew there was a reason I love your blog....I hate when people want me to take my shoes off in their house! Being unshod in someone else's house just feels...wrong. =P
    Oh, and I love this bright and cheery card! =)

  8. Oh I love this Julie. It is so bright and sunny and cheerful. I never make people take their shoes off in my house either...I have a dog! = dirt, dust and nibbled toes...


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