Monday 12 May 2014

Extra Padding: The Push-Up Bra Approach to Blogging needs *you*!

Hi you.

How does this sound?
Before you say anything, I know.

When you give a post the title "The Push-Up Bra Approach to Blogging needs you!" ...

... it really ought to be accompanied by an image of someone in a push-up bra pointing out of the screen to you like the Lord Kitchener wartime poster. And all I'll say to that suggestion is ...

... after you!

Moving swiftly on ...

Believe it or not it's been over a year since I first published my free, metaphor-heavy, motivational series The Push-Up Bra Approach to Blogging!
  • Over a year since we looked at ways we can all blog more often without it overtaking our lives;
  • Over a year since we learned how with our blogs, as with a good push-up bra, we can all make the most of what we've already got!
  • Over a year since, together, we raised over £500 for Save the Children charity in the duration of the series.
 Over a year!! Can you believe it?

Clearly time flies when you're blogging more often and with more confidence! Or are you?

I know from personal experience, and from conversations I've had with some of you on my Facebook page, that as useful as the original series was in helping lots of us feel more motivated to blog and more happy with our online content ... a lot of forgetting and falling back into old habits can happen in a 12 month span too!

And so ... I'm going to be embarking on a little push-up bra 'refresher' course.

Over the coming weeks I'll write a few posts reminding you of, and pointing you to towards, various aspects of the original course content.

A note to all self-starters or those of you who are new to my blog and to Push-Up Bra Blogging:
  • Plunge right in!  
  • Work through the 12 chapters [for free] at your own pace whenever you like!
  • No need to stand on ceremony here!
Plus over the coming weeks, as I remind you of OR introduce you to the Push-Up Bra's hints, tips and philosophy ... I'm sure I'll be sneaking in a few new thoughts and updates too.

And here's where you can get involved!!

I'd like to hand part of this re-cap over to you. On your blogs. And the way I see it working is something like this ...

Hello Push-Up Bra Blogging alumni!
  • Are you one of the bloggers who, last year, worked through the course materials?
  • Which elements did you apply to your own blog?
  • Which of the 'approaches' did you put into action?
  • Which parts of the course made a positive change to the way you thought about your blog ... and maybe even yourself?
  • 12 months on ... how is your blog/attitude to blogging different to it was prior to reading the series?
OK then ... now I've got you thinking about it ...

Would you consider writing a blog post about your experience of the series?
  • Your post could be as long/short/broad/specific as you fancy.
  • It could simply be about one small change you made or share one tip you remember from the series.
  • It could have a link back to the series page ... so your readers know where to find it.
  • It would be great to think that people new to the series [which was, and remains, entirely free to access!] could learn from your experiences  and feel motivated to follow along themselves!
Reasons you might like to take part:
  1. Because ... you like me. [If this isn't the case ... feel free to keep that info to yourself ... and I'll carry on in blissful ignorance.]
  2. Because ...  in order to make my advice memorable to you I gave it a title that's had an interesting knock-on effect to my SEO.  [Let's just say that over the last 12 months some people using the search term 'push-up bras' must have been really disappointed to have landed on a series about blogging tips ...]
Additional reasons you might like to take part:
  1. It'll give you something fun to share on your own blog. Woohoo!
  2. I'll promote your post  across social media [potential new blog readers; new sets of eyes!] as follows ...
  3. If you link up to me in your post then send me a link I'll share your post on my Facebook page [which currently has 427 likes].
  4. If you include an image/photo I'll also pin your post to the Push-Up Bra Blogging 'Extra Resources' Pinterest board [which currently has 694 followers]. [I can only pin a post that contains an image because that's how Pinterest saves posts]
  5. And I'll Tweet it too! [Where I have 1019 Twitter followers.]
And if you're new to the series ...

Hello Push-Up Bra Blogging newbies!
Do you wish you had the time or inspiration to blog more often? Do you keep promising yourself you'll blog more regularly? Do you wish you could blog as confidently as some of the bloggers you admire? 
If you do and you feel like getting more comfortable in your blog space then I'd say you're ready for a fitting for your first Push-Up Bra Approach!  

Would you read the series and write a blog post about your experiences as you work through it applying what you're learning to your own blog?
  • It would be great to hear feedback from you as you took on board those hints and tips you felt were most useful.
  • You could simply blog about one single small thing that's working for you.
  • No pressure ... just a fun post!
Reasons you might like to take part:
  1. See the reasons for the alumni! Plus ...
  2. If you've been looking for a good reason to invest some time and effort into a new or neglected blog ... then here's all the excuse you'll need! You're testing a theory!! One which compares blogging techniques to padded bras, freezer meals, Kenny Rogers and more ...
  3. And ... it's an easy way to get one of your posts seem by lots of new readers!
OK ... that's it. I'm all out of persuasion here! So:
  • Have a think ...
  • Have a read ...
  • Wait for my refresher posts  ... OR else leap straight in now ... whichever!
  • And if you do get around to writing a post [any time at all between now and whenever!] link me up and I'll swing by to share your post when I can.
I'll look forward to hearing from you!

Julie :-)


  1. I loved this series and it did change the way I blog as I schedule posts now and batch photograph and edit projects. I have linked back to your posts a few times or just referred to your 'push up bra style blogging.'

  2. Some exciting and brilliant ideas here Julie!
    I loved your series and I'm so pleased to see it back, I'll be looking to see how I can get involved. Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. That is just what I need to inspire me to get back into blogging seeing as I have been away for about 8 months.
    Think I need to read the last series and then look forward to some new stuff coming up soon to inspire me

  4. I loved the first series and look forward to seeing what you have planned for the next part! I'll be giving some thought to an alumni post in the next few days!

  5. I fell at the first post, and didn't get round to reading the whole of your first series. I'd be glad to be involved in some way now.

  6. You must have been looking over my shoulder, Julie, at my 'To Do This Week' list. Item number 2 (sorry, writing a blogpost came first!) was 'Have another look at Julie's bra' (I know what I meant!). So I am delighted to see it's going to have some new push-me-even-further-up features and will be taking part. Thank-you!

  7. Every time I do "Blog Cos You want To" I get comments from lapsed bloggers who say they WANT to but they just can't seem to make themselves. A big rallying cry is definitely needed! I'd love to see some of my early readers come back to blogging. I miss seeing what they are up to. So push up as much as you like, I say!

  8. Yay! Of course I´m in with the cheering along. I´ve started by sharing this post. :D
    I´ll be back with more. :)

  9. Thanks for the refresher - I took away so much from the course last year. I have the odd lapses now and then but most of the time have managed to keep blogging consistently. I have sent a few people your way to read it for themselves, when I have been talking about blogging and ideas for keeping motivated. It always helps me for Blogtoberfest when I need 31 daily blog posts!!

  10. And it's done!

  11. Hi julie, you can take a look at my post from April 19, 2013 for my summary from last year. I'll try and do an update soon. Rinda

  12. ~waving Hello again~ Got all the info for your series worked into my post today. Wednesdays are high traffic days for me. :)

  13. I really need this refresher. I loved the first series and gained so much from it, but have fallen by the wayside in more recent months. I will have a look at doing an alumni post and then throw myself into the refresher.

  14. Oh I really need this Julie. I took such a lot from the course first time round - and have been majrlmnignr (one small budgie took over the keyboard here!!)meaning to re read and try to get back to blogging more regularly again. I did start a small attempt but since late last year I have often felt that I am taking one step forward - and two - or even three - steps back. Looking forward to it - and I will try to put something together as an alumni post - could be just the focus I need - so a huge Thank you! Jen x


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