Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Simply A Moment May 2014: A bit of yesterday in today's cup

Hi there.
Simply A Moment the wonderfully thoughtful, mindful, beautiful monthly meme hosted by my good friend Alexa at Trimming the Sails is making its way back to the harbour this month. For now at least Alexa's putting the moment gathering on pause and so I wanted to make sure I joined in one more time.
That said ... in the gracious manner with which she approaches everything, Alexa stated that she hopes "those of you who want to continue recording sixty seconds of your day from time to time will feel that you can do so".
I'm certain I'll have to find a way - maybe different, maybe similar - to continue writing about my life in the way that 'Simply A Moment' provided a space. So maybe it's not the 'end'. Maybe we'll just enjoy different moments!

You can visit Alexa's May post [which isn't the same as a May Pole!] here.

And here's mine ...

A bit of yesterday in today's cup.

Date: 15 May 2014
Time: 14.20 ish
Location: Kitchen. At home.

Tea break time. 
I flip the switch to turn the kettle on and head outside to see if the washing's drying on the line.
It is. In fact I might as well bring it in now. So I start collecting it in from the end, next to the clematis, which is at its pale pink peak right now.
With both hands I draw the new-to-me-but-vintage bed sheet I bought from a charity shop to my face and sink my nose into it, inhaling deeply. 
'Good' I think. 'That's a relief'; the smell of damp dark cupboards has now given way to a fresh clean scent far better suits its glorious floral print.
Back inside the kettle's boiled so I dash upstairs with the laundry, draping it over the banister so it won't be too creased when I come to iron it all. OK, now, priorities; let's get this cuppa made.
I pick up the box of loose leaf tea and reach for the spoon thinking about how I bought the loose leaf by mistake. Not that it matters. It's all tea. All hits the same spot.
It's just ... apart from having to make it in a cafetiere [because the leaves are so fine they escape through the holes in our other strainers] ... apart from that, the box is out of place on the worktop. 
All the other teas - in bags - are in their own glass jars; all of which are all fully occupied. And, the thing is if I put this box of leaves in the drawer I'll forget they're there. [I know this to be true as, when I went to see if there was space for them in there ... I found another box of neglected loose leaf tea. And I can't even remember buying those!]
So ... I start to look around for something nicer to store them in. Something I can leave out on the top. I open cupboard doors and peer in in the hope there's something [to quote Goldilocks] just right to house them in.  
Nope. Too large. Too plastic. No lid. And then ...
I turn my head to the top shelf above the dresser in the dining room where the coffee set my parents handed down to me sits on display. Was it a wedding gift? I'll have to ask them.

I reach up to grasp the sugar bowl which, fortunately, is at the front of the display. Its matt finish is smooth against my fingertips. I make sure I've got it safely and lift it down.

I rinse it to remove the dust its gathered during its life - in my home at least - as a merely decorative item. On display as its retro design and brown colour tone compliment the style of our d├ęcor.

Once it's dry I pour in the fine, almost-black, don't-sneeze-or-it'll-go-everywhere leaves tapping the sides to make extra space for a little bit more. I wipe away the sprinkling of leaves that escaped mid-pour, carefully replace the lid and slide the pot into its new - useful - home near the kettle.

With a feeling of slight apprehension - that now it'll be in daily use, now it's not safely tucked away out of harm's way ... it may get damaged but also ... satisfied at this elegant solution to my mistake purchase. Plus, it's nice to put something old and personal back to use again.

Lifting my warm mug of fresh tea from the counter I turn and head back upstairs.


Thanks for taking a moment to pause and read through mine.

Do hop back over if you missed my post from yesterday where I shared more of my Snipped Tales project ... and I'll see you soon.

Julie x


  1. I was with you here Julie! I love how simply a moment draws me in and it is over all too soon. I have a brown dinner service bought as a wedding present. It is too sentimental to part with but like yours it is decorative. I keep thinking I should use it. Enjoy your tea - some mistakes turn out to be good ones :)

  2. My grandmother had a worcester tea set. My mother inherited just one cup and saucer and that was broken soon after Mum had the stroke. Granny loved her tea set and used it every day. Yes it would be lovely to own it now but I think of her face as with every single cup of tea she would hold the cup up in front of her eyes and admire it before drinking her tea. That memory is worth far more to me.
    Use it, all of it. Such a waste not to

  3. Oh, I am so glad you got that cup of tea - I was afraid it was going to be cold :). You've breathed new life into two things in as many days - there's a creative spirit for you! As always, I have so much enjoyed reading your moment. Your way with words and cadence always makes me feel I am just at your shoulder listening to you as you tell me something about your life, and I hope you have enjoyed writing as much as I have enjoyed reading these last two years ... Thank-you, Julie, for your warm and loyal support :). It has been a true pleasure.

  4. I can feel the very particular smoothness of that bowl ..my friend's parents had a set like that when I was a child and I ached for the sophistication of that matte finish! A good cup of tea, then

  5. A beautiful solution and I have to come to believe things are to be used and treasured not tucked safely away

  6. Fabulous as ever Julie. Lotta (son's girlfriend) is arriving tomorrow. I was in the tea&coffee place moving her type of tea down a shelf (she is vertically challenged) when I thought I would look for something nicer than the boxes to put 'her' tea in. Unlike you I didn't find anything today. Hey Ho there's always the shed to look in tomorrow.

  7. Lovely moment - glad you found an elegant solution to the tea storage. Wookie is currently making tea in a cafetiere as well, makes a good cup of tea I'm told. I do like laundry dried outside - need to work out a way to do that in the new place.

  8. What a beautiful moment! I can just see & smell your vintage sheet with you. :) I'm not a tea drinker very often so finding loose tea would quickly move me to a glass of water but yeah for you on enjoying it and decorating too. Simple and sophisticated!

  9. What a lovely moment - I can smell the freshly dried outside smell that everything gets out there and envy you having a clothesline. It looks like you found the perfect container for your loose tea.


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