Sunday 4 May 2014

Overheard: Because it's the 'cake' part that's bad for you

Hi you.

While tidying out my craft room [a task which, at times, has resembled and archaeological dig] I unearthed a sheet of paper, torn from a notebook, containing a few overheards I'd scribbled down on our annual summertime trip to Lincoln last year. And, as we're in a Bank Holiday kind of mood here ... I thought I'd share ... enjoy ...

Because it's the 'cake' part that's bad for you.

Date: 07 July 2013
Location: lunchtime in a tearoom in Lincoln, England.

While we were eating our lunch an elderly man came in, sat down at the table closest to the serving counter, and began browsing the specials board, trying to decide what to order. From the way the lady running the café spoke to him it became clear he was a regular.

A regular whom, on that day at least, had some specific, if not entirely consistent dietary requirements ...

Café lady: We've got a lovely cheesecake if you'd like some?

Elderly chap: It looks lovely but ... I've been told to cut down on my fats and cheeses.

[Do bear this point in mind as you read on ...]

Café lady: OK.

Elderly chap seemingly considering something less dairy based: Are jacket potatoes on the menu today?

Café lady: Yes, but I don't know if we've got any of your usual cheese filling left. I can do you a mix of the cheeses we do have though, if you like?

[Well no, he's been told to cut down on fats and cheeses ... so we know how he's going to answer. Don't we?]

Elderly chap: Yes please. [Oh, I guess we don't know then ...]

Café lady looking into the chiller cabinetStilton?

Elderly chap: Yes. [And he's not done just yet ...]

And ... any Cheshire?

Or Cheddar?
Café lady:  Yes. I can do you a mix of those.

Elderly chap:  ... and Feta.

Feta would be nice.

[But still no cheesecake. Heaven forbid!]


Not that I'm in any position to judge the man's weak will when it comes to cheeses. The images I've used in this post today come from a scrapbook page I blogged a few years ago here which told the tale of a very similar cheese-heavy lunch I had with friends. And then ...

... there's the story of the cheese we had to leave out on a window ledge one time. And even, like today, another overheard which involved elderly gentlemen cheese.

I think it's best I stop there. I know it's good to have a blogging niche ... but this is just getting silly...

For other non cheese related overheards you can visit the link page here [the list needs updating though].


If you think you know someone who'd like my overheard today ... do share / Facebook / Pin/ Tweet etc. There's not nearly enough cheese-themed humour on the internet right now ...

Julie ;-)


  1. Great overheard - I do enjoy these :). And conversations in cafés and restaurants are just the best! Happy Babk Holiday weekend to you!

  2. Makes me think of my Mum doing Weight Watchers. Fresh cream and strawberry scones. Perfectly OK because it's fruit... right? This did make me smile Julie :D

  3. Wow my local cafe just does cheddar on jacket potatoes. Seems very dull now!

  4. I'd choose cheese over cake any day of the week. Intensive market research leads me to believe that makes me a little unusual..

  5. Love your overheards!I also agree we need more cheese related humour - but that might be because my fridge is always filled with it.


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