Tuesday 23 September 2014

Bang! Card making: with a car from a Christmas-cracker [and there's today's tongue-twister right there].

Hello hello.

There are a couple of reasons I feel it's OK to share this particular card today; and they're both to do with the season.

A typewriter comes in really handy for creating a quick sentiment for cards.
For a start - it's now officially Autumn - so the card's colour scheme of greens turning into yellow, orange and brown is appropriate in itself:
[The background paper is just a page from an old book which I had handy while I was experimenting with paint. I just removed excess paint from my brayer on to it.]

So, yes, the autumnal colour-scheme is one good reason to share this card right now:
But then there's this ...
... the car embellishment focal point is actually a little gift I saved from a Christmas-cracker last year!

And, in the past, whenever I've shared the cards I've made with silly throwaway [or not!] Christmas-cracker gifts someone usually says they wished they'd seen the idea before Christmas, so they could save some of their own.

So here it is, your 3 months in advance warning:
  • Remember to collect up all those odd bits and bobs you find inside the traditional [who said tacky?] crackers!!
  • Prepare yourself to gently manoeuvre little children out of the way at the Christmas dinner table to scoop up the bits before they get their sticky little hands on them. [What? They'll only play with them for 2 minutes then throw them on the floor. Or choke on them. So really, you're doing them a favour.]
  • Then make sure to remind yourself to reuse them on fun cards throughout the year ahead!
If this has whetted your appetite for Christmas-cracker-gift card making ideas ... then here are several of my previous examples:
But ... if it's whetted your appetite for Christmas Lunch ... I'm sorry about that ... I can't help you there! Will it take your mind off it if I just sing the 12 Days of Christmas to you? Five go-oh-ld riiiings, four calling birds ...

Julie ;-)


  1. I love your layout. Great idea too - I would never have thought of collecting those bits - think I'll go and raid my youngests bedroom there is bound to be something there :-) xx

  2. Love this card Julie! I'm another who "hoovers up" stuff from crackers!! Though I have never thought of using them on a card to be honest - so thanks for a great idea! (in the past mine have made an appearance in my Christmas journal - but haven't felt like making one these last couple of years, though I did read all Shimelle's prompts again)

  3. Very cleverly done and a great reminder. I suspect that if I look in the Advent/Christmas box, there'll be some cracker-y bits and pieces scooped up from the carpet last year and popped into the bottom. I've put a reminder in my diary for December :).


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