Thursday 25 September 2014

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt 2014: the full collection

Hi there.

Now that summer's gone, and the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt is over, I thought I'd join Rinda - the hunt's creator and hostess - with a final all-encompassing round-up of all the 21 discoveries I made as summer 2014 unfolded.

And, in a little warm up for Tuesday's Month in Numbers statistical summary ... I did a quick survey of my photos and worked out that ...

Of the final set of 21 images:
  • 3 were taken pretty close to home on average days ....
  • 8 were taken while I was on my official 'summer holiday' ...
  • and the remaining 10 were captured while on occasional days out, to cities, country and seaside.
And here they are:
Seeing them all together like this is both fun to see and a little strange! Some of those moments already feel like years ago now, so I'm glad I've got an accurate reminder of them here and in my summer junk journal. But also ... I was surprised at while they're mostly taken in completely different locations, viewed together, they form their own coherent colour-palette. A palette which pretty much sums up an English summer:
  • a few bright blues skies ... but with plenty of paler ones thrown in too;
  • plenty of natural abundant greenery ... with an equivalent amount of carefully curated municipal flower displays;
  • and a liberal amount of British eccentricity and tradition on show.
It was worth re-visiting my photos to really reflect on all of that!

Now here - mainly for my own future reference - are the links to the posts where I shared more about each of my 21 summertime discoveries:

1. A sign welcoming people to my home town
2. A garden gnome - a goal-keeping gnome, taken during the World Cup ... how long ago does that seem now?!!!)
3. Birds on a wire - finding the iconic 'birds on overhead wires' shot was a lot harder than I would have guessed!
4. A group of tourists
5. A rack of post cards - this one also includes a photo-bomb too.
6. An urban street scene
7. A rural landscape
8. A tattoo on a person
9. A bakery
10. A photo bomb - I managed to find another photo-bomber ... underneath Frankenstein's Monster ...
11. A horn
12. A mascot - a flying bear
13. A sunrise - the trickiest of the lot to capture... and yet it happens every day! And I thought 'Juggler' was going to be hard to find!
14. A parade
15. A juggler - apparently easier to find than a sunrise ...
16. A sign in a language other than English
17. A lamp post
18. A water fall
19. A public garden
20. A bus (not a car, truck, lorry, camper or RV) with a picture painted on its sides.
21. A photograph of you with something representing the season
And, as I found all 21 ... I didn't need to resort to alternative A: A kite, hot air balloon or blimp
or alternative B: A bird house

In the depths of the coming winter, when I won't be able to take a decent photo without first taking off my thermal gloves and pushing my woolly hat out of my eyes ...  I'll be thinking fondly of the day Rinda will release the categories for the 2015 hunt!

Julie :-)


  1. Great photos Julie! They do look great all together like that, and I love that they represent your English summer. I haven't put mine all together (in fact, I'm not sure I did get them all!) but may do so now I've seen yours. It's a fun Summer project isn't it?

  2. Fab to show all your finds at once - love the one you got for Mascot xx

  3. Great sunrise!! Real inventive thinking there.
    Margaret #18

  4. Seeing them all together like that, they look like a lovely set of personalised postcards

  5. nice to see them the sunrise!!!!!

  6. What a great collage they make all together! A great summary of your summer :) Congrats on finding all the items!
    Nathalie #22

  7. So glad that you joined in; your sense of humor and perspective added so much to the experience. I agree with Sian; they do resemble post cards. Although in the small version, the gnome has a bit of a scatological feel to it!

  8. Always got those months in numbers in the back of your mind Julie, by the way, really need to get back into that!!
    Anyway some great finds you have had over the summer, the ice creams look yum :)

  9. Great collection......I think there should be a sunset next year!!

  10. You certainly have some quirky finds here. I love that sun rise! Here's to next year!

  11. Great photos - I know what you mean about some of them seeming to have been taken so long ago now!

  12. Great photos Julie - I still have to post mine.
    I set the alarm clock on two mornings only to find the sky too overcast for the sunrise to be seen. Some of the photos do seem to be taken so long ago - I thought exactly the same when I revisited my collection!


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