Thursday 11 September 2014

My Facebook 'pop-up' Market Stall: the easy way to start your Christmas shopping!

Hello hello.

I'm trying something a little different next week on my 'With Julie Kirk' Facebook page and I hope you'll be able to set aside a little pocket of time [with a cuppa ... or maybe even an egg-nog ...] to join me:
So far I have collected together over 100 items for the sale ... with more to come!  Included in that is:
  •  a mix of all different packs I've sold in my Etsy shop over the years - eg. Blank Looks, Plundered Pages. Interesting Bits and many will be on offer at half-price or less!
There'll also be:
  • some lovely vintage aprons,
  • vintage-inspired collages and magnets
  • plus notebooks, ribbons and postage stamps.
Prices will start at £1 making them perfect for stocking fillers!

Here's how it'll work:
The sale begins on Monday morning [15th September 2014]... just as soon as I can upload all the photos of the items for sale and add all the details [which may take some time!].

[*My Etsy shop will remain open for sales of more recent / non-sale products].

You can browse at any point during the 3 day sale and while you're there you will be:
  • snapping up some vintage / vintage-inspired creative bargains
  • supporting a [very] small independent UK creative business ...
  • and really making a dent in that Christmas list! [Or stocking up on some new creative supplies for yourself .. whichever ... I won't judge!].
If you can make it; great, I'll see you there!

If you can't ... send a friend or loved one [instructing them on what you'd like!] or ...

... even just spread the word for me. [The images above are on my Facebook page too - 'With Julie Kirk' - so you could share them from there]. Thanks in advance!

So ... I'll best go back to my preparations and you can begin making a list .. and checking it twice ...

See you at the market!

Julie :-)

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