Thursday, 3 June 2010

Overheard: Business etiquette

Remember how, the other day , I mentioned I was enrolled in Kelly Rae Roberts's e-course focussing on setting up a creative business? Well, I think that must be what's reminded me of something I overheard on campus a few years ago.

A student seated behind me before the start of a lecture [26.01.08] was clearly concerned about the adverse effects his friend's behaviour could have on their future success in their chosen profession ....

Male student to 2 others: When we have our company together I don’t think it’ll be a good idea for you to go around shouting “Die!!”...... not when we have people in.

I wonder if there'll be any equally as insightful advice from my course ....

J ;)

Photo details: Architectural model the V&A museum [taken by James].


  1. hi there...I'm popping over from the kelly rae course..You have a nice spot here! the business advice you overheard is so funny..."not when we have people in..." ha ha ha...I wonder how their business is doing now...

  2. Yes, I must say I think he was probably right... shouting does tend to be perceived as a bit unfriendly and not very professional!
    That student comment is so funny, Julie!

  3. haha Nice advice, I do say! Hope you're learning a lot from the coarse. I hope to have my own brick and mortar vintage shop someday soon, and I suppose I should probably refrain from shouting die. Although, that's not a usual occurrence, so I think I should be fine. ;)


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