Sunday, 19 June 2011

Art Journal Challenge Week 16: Television

Hi, hi.

More UKStamper's weekly art journal challenge catch-up today with my response to Week 16's theme -Television:

The retro TV was cut from a 1960s children's dictionary, coloured in with Shimmerz paint and given a glowing halo by applying yellow ink through a Crafter's Workshop sunburst stencil with Cut 'N Dry foam:
Old dictionaries and reference books are one of my esssential crafting supplies and children's versions are particularly useful because they have pictures too!

The pictures, along with the short definitions inside make it easy to quickly create a clear theme for journal pages, collage, cards, scrapbook pages etc:
The retro TV stamp came from a bargain pack of We R Memory Keepers products from TK Maxx a few months ago and Ireally like the way the inks I used to stamp it in soaked right into my un-gessoed page giving a soft finish.

for the background I used the same technique on this page as the one I described in my post yesterday:- using the surrounding outer-sheet from alphabet stickers as a stencil.
This time I sprayed through it with Dylusions ink and dabbed Artiste silver acrylic paint through some sections too. Grey & yellow is one of my all time favourite colour combinations.

The prompt suggested we pick our Top 5 TV shows ... but I just couldn'tbring myself to pin it down! I jotted down the first favourites which sprung to mind but I knew I wasn't thinking back far enough and I didn't want to leave anything vital out!
Plus, weirdly ... did you see how I seemed to get stuck on programmes beginning with 'C' , with The Choir, Cast Offs, Community and Columbo all sneaking in there as if my mind was going through a life's TV viewing in alphabetical order?!

I'm pretty sure I've enjoyed programmes from the other end of it too though.... like Vexed and The West Wing for example!

However, considering I'm already getting excited about watching Case Histories later on this evening ... maybe there's something to my preference for TV beginning with 'C' afterall!!

Happy watching!



  1. It was so enjoyable taking a look at your pages!

    As a person who admittedly watches WAY too much TV, I doubt I could narrow it down to my top 5 shows of all time...but I know Cheers, Frasier, Moonlighting, WKRP in Cincinnati, and Three's Company would definitely be close to the top of the list!

  2. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see Columbo in there :P

    Top tip about the childrens dictionaries. I will remember that on my next charity shop jaunt.

    If you are talking all time favourite TV then Quantum Leap would be in there, Knightmare (from my school days) Hart Beat, Midsoummer Murders... yep Columbo, Holby City and more recent favourites would be True Blood, Being Human, The Walking Dead and any documentary on anything ever... which annoys the flip out of my OH. He says my trivia knowledge is not 'learned' but gained from watching obscure documentaries. Same thing I say.

  3. AAA lucky scrapper you! I LOVE TJ Maxx when they put up those random thickers or stamps packs. I would have snatched that up too. GREAT great page- love the color and the fabulous stamping here.


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