Wednesday, 8 June 2011

What's *your* personal 'best'?

Hello you.

Tell me ...

Saving things for 'best':

... is that something you do?
Is there something you're over-protective of; something you'd rather preserve than use; something you're afraid will become dirty / worn / imperfect / spoiled / broken or used-up?

Something you prefer to have safely tucked away; wrapped up; left unopened?

So, what is it?

  • Patterned paper?
  • Fabric?
  • Beads?
  • Dresses?
  • Underwear?
  • Tablecloths?
You tell me.

What's mine?

Well ... I'm all about protecting my 'best' notebooks from my drivel, my scribblings, my meaningless notes, my brain-emptying ... because I get it into my head that what they really deserve is only my 'best' work, my biggest plans, my most inspired ideas, my completely hilarious one-liners.

So I find myself using cheap, less-lovely notebooks first, or the ones someone else bought me that I didn't choose ... that have less emotional baggage attached.

[Why, yes, I believe I have indeed just admitted to attaching emotional baggage to notebooks ... you're seriously going to have to 'fess up about your own craziness now to make up for it!]

And do you know what happens when I'm using those second-best books?
I fill them with ease because I don't feel like I'm spoiling them!
And then, despite all the scrawl, no ...  because of all the scrawl and the workings out and doodles ... well, because of all this ...

... there's my best work ... my best ideas ... right there on those dog-eared pages.
So, I really ought to take my own advice ... the advice within this micro mini-book I made for a friend:

 The advice, [coined by my own fair brain] which goes ...that, when all's said and done ....

... your heart:

... is ...

... the only thing really worth ...
... saving ...

... for ...

... best.

And seeing as how I already managed that bit ...  the next time I need to make a note ... I'll try to remember my own advice  ...

... and reach for that beautiful notebook.

Because I can't predict when 'best' is going to show up ... and I don't want that pile of empty notebooks to stay that way forever.
So what do you say? Any plans to make the best of now?

Let me know if you blog about your personal 'best' and I'll drop round to read it.

Julie x

Chipboard 'Micro Accordian Book': by Collections Elements from [whose DT I'm part of].
Chipboard heart: by Collections Elements from

All papers + embellishments: from Crafty Templates' 'Downtown Tea Party' Quirky Kit which I'm guest designing with this month.

Stamps: new Papermania border stamps plus Studio G alphas.
Roller Doodle from Glitz
Punches by X-Cut

Also ... held together with love ... and a small ocean of Claudine Hellmuth's Studio Gloss Medium!


  1. Emotional baggage? Notebooks?...I'm afraid I am exactly the same. I buy lovely notebooks to write in and end up never using them for the same reason as you. I think i'll spoil them. I'd never thought about it before and actually it's kinda sad! We should use them because we won't spoil them, even with crossings out and what not, because every creative thought is worthwhile.

    Watch as I disregard my words. *strokes notebook and locks in a box*

  2. I feel like this is group therapy. My name is Kirsty and I have a notebook problem. You already know that, though...

    I really liked your mini-book, btw, and then I got to the picture with your hand in it and realised how tiny it is, and now I adore it even more. Why does small make (almost) everything better?


  3. so lovely, and i agree with kirsty re: small makes it even more adorable!
    notebook emotional baggage? you mean like when i decided i needed to clear out some space in the stationery drawer and found myself needing a sit down and a hot beverage before i could contemplate taking some unused notebooks to the charity shop? no, i don't understand you at all. ;-)
    also: did you have a draft book and a best book at school? when i started teaching, it was common practice and it drove me INSANE. i think it really creates issues about saving for best and the fear of messing up the page. when i was a student we still made best copies but on loose paper, so one mistake wouldn't ruin the whole book. so much less stressful!

  4. This is exactly what I love about blogging! None of my 'real life' friends could understand why I would possibly need the number of notebooks that I own - of all the words I could possibly write in my lifetime I still don't think I could fill all the notebooks I own.

    They would also not understand that I have a pile of the prettiest papers that I've been saving for *special* projects. I realised a little while ago that saving them for best was just silly because it just meant I had a pile of awesome papers that I never used. So although I think I'm cured of saving papers, I shall never be cured of the notebook addiction :)

  5. Seriously scrummy book Julie :)

    I'm definitely part of the notebook hoarders brigade too I keep all my scribbles books, they're part of me even if they're just 'junk' to someone else. I've got a couple of untouched moleskin notebooks on my shelf right behind me now that I've been 'saving' so you've defo inspired me to get them filled up. xx Leo

  6. I have a solution. You don't HAVE second-rate stuff. You only use the good stuff and you get rid of the second-rate, give it away or sell it or use it all up at once. My mum grew up during the War and she always saves things 'for best'. So she's always wearing/using stuff that's not good enough. She never gets round to using the good stuff because no occasion is ever grand enough.

    It doesn't matter if your lovely notebooks aren't crammed with amazing stuff. The point is that they're yours, and you're the one using them, and if you keep doing that then nearly everything you have will be the nicest you can find. Life's too short to use the crap stuff!

    That's what I think, anyway, lol.........

  7. Wow that is a seriously mini, mini book, gorgeous colours.

    I try not to save things for 'best' as when I do 'best' never seems to come along and I find I never use whatever is was I was saving. Shouldn't every day be a 'best' day? :)

  8. Oh my!! that book is gorgeous, absolutely stunning! I want to make one !!! oh but I just wouldnt now where to start?!
    notebooks?! i never use them i buy such pretty ones, but im always to scared to ruin them with my awful handwriting!! and i wouldnt ever put all my crafting bits and bobs into them, as i wouldnt want to waste them, I could use them in such better projects! Im a box person/jar/tins (thats all what my blog is :O ) I love storage and develing into things having a good rummage through.
    your blog is beautiful, inspirational :D
    natasha- xox

  9. Oooh the notebook is stunning. I want one now! And BTW I don't keep anything for best, I use everything as soon as I get it! I have many notebooks all in use!


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