Monday, 20 June 2011

Art Journal Challenge Week 17: Celebration

Hi again.

Another UKStampers Weekly Art Journal challenge page today ... one which might come across more negative than I'd intended, but then bit by bit it just kind of evolved that way! Then again, if that's how my subconscious chose to respond to the prompt ... who am I to try to deny it or apologise for my dark side? ;-)

The prompt was 'Celebration' with the letters RSVP and something sparkly on the page, here's where my mind went:
So errrmmm .... yeah, you might guess the words 'life and soul of the party' aren't often used to describe me ...
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the wording came from an old children's dictionary which I actually have a few of as I find them that useful!

I buy them from charity shops and remember one lady behind the counter apologising that, because it was a large book it would cost 50p rather than 10p like the rest of the kids' books. I didn't want to explain that 50p was a bargain for so much journaling inspiration when I suppose she assumed I was going to teach a child to spell with it!

Once I had the words as my starting point I found an appropriate Art Chix image of masquerading partygoer and added a cloud over her head [it could have been worse, it could have been a black cloud!]:
The background was made by spraying Shimmerz inks thorugh a doily [as a stencil], then I decided to incorporate the doily itself into the page, cutting out some of it's decorative gold discs and glueing them down.
But then I spotted the reverse side and how the blue inks had soaked into the white underside of the gold doily which I rather liked too. So I glued those gold side down to add texture which blended in perfectly with the backround colour.

The remaining doily designs [which are stamped in various shades of blue and gold and black ink]are from the lovely set of 3 'Doily Borders' by Maya Road  which have become my 'go to', 'surely everything needs a doily border', current favourite stamp set! 
Please don't let the less than enthusiastic journaling on the page deter you from inviting me to your next celebration though ...

What I lack in the 'effervescent party personality' department ... I more than make up for in the 'nice frock and shoes' criteria ... surely they'd be worth a few of your best sausage rolls and cup cakes alone ...   ;-)

See you tomorrow ... with yet more journal catching-up [assuming I don't get distracted by the imminent arrival of my new laptop before then!]



  1. Great page Julie - I love the layout and layers of it and I hate house parties - I'm trying to get out of one at the moment! Perhaps it goes with the name! Julie x

  2. Wonderful pages Julie! I love the texture! x

  3. Party pooper! Jokes! Love this page it has fab muted tones and secret journalling with cute little details.


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