Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Art Journal Challenge Week 18: Domestic Goddess

Hello. Me again.

But you were expecting that, right?

I'm back with [yet] another page from the UKStampers Weekly Art Journal Challenge where the next theme was: 'Domestic Goddess'.

The prompt suggested we could include whether we felt we a Domestic Goddess ... or not, and we could incorporte wings and a figure in there too.

So, what do you reckon? How did I answer this one?

Well, actually it's like this ...
You know how I've been working on these pages all at once and are sharing them all together - rather than regularly working on them, keeping on top of things, chipping away at the task in hand?

And you know how I'm still about 7 weeks behind in the challenge because I get distracted with other crafty business?

Well ... if you know that .. you know how I approach domestic tasks ... delay, put off, neglect, push to the bottom of the To Do list ... and every now and again ... frantically work on it all at once ... trying to catch up.
Then, once I've done that ... I can happily begin neglecting it all over again!

That said ... I'm a tidy person ... mostly [just as long as you don't open that cupboard ... or the door to my craftroom ...] and my house isn't in a heap.

And if you're not the kind of person who runs their finger along shelves checking for dust, or who even remembers that there are such things as skirting boards, nevermind is someone remembers to clean them ... then I reckon you'd feel perfectly at home here. 
  • I cook;
  • And I only burn things when I get engrossed in my crafting or blogging and leave things in the oven 'for just 5 more minutes';
  • I do the laundry as soon as there's enough to make a load and I love to hang it out on the line;
  • And I do the ironing as soon as ... errrm ... as soon as the pile begins to weigh roughly the same as  I do and can be mistaken for a person out of the corner of your eye;
  • I go grocery shopping alone often;
  • And while I can't always be certain I'll be allowed to buy alcohol while I'm there [long story, sore point, read more here if you like rants] I usually manage to purchase items from all the other essential food groups.
So I'm happy to call myself a Lazy Domestic Goddess ... because, like I say even the lazy ones count ... right?
Right then ... I'll probably be back with my next pages tomorrow ... if I get time to photograph and blog them today that is.

Look ... put it this way ... if you catch the scent of burning food later on this evening ... you'll know I found the time ...



p.s It's my turn on the 3DJean Design Team blog today where I've made cards featuring, ironically, the kinds of dresses real Domestic Goddesses wear! ;-) 


  1. Great post and a fab page!

  2. This is fab Julie, love the colours.

  3. I actively encourage people to write messages or draw smiley faces in my dust :D I can then proclaim it a creative outlet and thus justify being a lazy moo ;)

    Love this page!

  4. snazzyoriginalJune 21, 2011 6:41 pm

    I love these Art Journal pages, the colours and textures are fab. For me it's a real treat they are coming together daily, can't wait for the next few weeks/days. It's also a relief today to find I may have competition on life's scale of procrastination, I only said 'may' you understand!

  5. I love your winged stripey legged creation.

  6. A girl after my own heart!

    Love the art ...........


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