Monday, 23 March 2009

Crafty multi-tasking

As I mentioned a few posts ago - I intended to scrap my '25 Things About Me' list.

It was on my 'To Do' list along with 'make something using my new Quirky kit'.

So I did.

Which is satisfying as I can now cross 2 things off my list ... and there's nothing quite as satisfying as that! But I may just be pushed over-board in the excitement stakes here as I also intended to write something for the Crafty Templates blog - a task which was also on the 'To Do'.

And here ladies and gentleman is a Crafty Templates blog entry about how I scrapped my '25 Things' list using the new Quirky kit 'Note to Self'. It's the scrapping equivalent of killing 3 birds with one well aimed stone.

[Ooo I apologise if that's left you with a horrid image! Quick ... think of something lovely and happy and wonderful ...mmmmm .... paper, ribbons, notebooks, new pens ..... better now?].

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  1. Ok writing my 25 things is on my to do list too! and making one of your cool little books!
    Pop over to The Creative TYPe-new challenge is up-and the winner of the last prompt!


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