Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Go on then...Scrap Like You Mean It

Perhaps it's because I've spent the whole of this week in bed with a cold [awwww] but this last fortnight seems to have flown by. It's now been two weeks since I put my hard-sell hat on and instructed you all to go and buy the Quirky 'Fabric Sundae' Kit from Crafty Templates. The kit was specially produced to help prepare you to play along with today's Scrap Like You Mean It challenge run by Shimelle and hosted on UKScrappers.

I'm now wondering where else I should focus my powers of persuasion [as they're obviously more powerful than I knew] because they all sold out! In fact Leo had to put together some more plus some extras here to meet demand! Well done my fellow Quirkyites for nabbing yourself a delicious fabricy bargain but that doesn't mean you're off the hook yet you know? No, because now you've got a week to play along with the challenge and make something with the kit [No - you can't just keep it for 'best' or sit and fondly glancing at it and stroking it until you've worn a hole in it!]. Nor can those of you who didn't buy a kit relax either ... you can use any fabric at all, [within the bounds of law, common sense, cleanliness and reason] on your pages.

For a complete photo of my page and more ideas on working with fabric I've written a full description [available as a downloadable file] of how I put the kit to use on the Crafty Templates blog here. And Leo has spolied you all by providing lots of inspiration and free templates also available to download.

Do make sure that, like I did here, you upload your finished page to the SLYMI gallery on UKS where one lucky person will win a pizza box full of Quirky Kit goodness! And, apparently, they're trusting me to select a winner!!

You see? I wouldn't bully you for no good reason would I? A little bit of nudging from me could lead to a box of magnificence being posted to you.

Consider it the scrapping equivalent of tough love. Now shooo - go get scrapping.


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