Sunday 15 March 2009

I'm Making a List.

1. Have you been caught up in any of the recent list-making mania?
2. Especially the kind that have been doing the rounds online – particularly on Facebook?
3. I have.
4. But then, I do like a nice list.
5. Have you thought about how you could use your responses to these questions as prompts in your crafting?
6. I have.

Without wishing to sound like a schoolgirl passing on a message, my friend Brass said that her frined sent her the 'One Word' set of questions as she [the friend of Brass] thought that she [Brass] would be able to produce something scrappy from it and she [Brass] sent it onto me [Julie] as she thought that I'd like to do the same. If you haven't seen or heard of what I'm talking about it's a list of questions to which you are only meant to respond with one word. And that's not always as easy as it sounds and the end result feels like something you might have revealed more than that one single word!!

Here are a few examples from my own list:
Q: Your hair? A: Longer
Q: Your favourite season? A: Warm
Q: Something that you are not? A: Cruel
Q: What are you wearing? A: Comfies!
Q: Friends? A: Amazingly

Make of those what you will Mr. Freud.

The other list I completed recently was on Facebook and was the '25 Things You never knew about me' one which has no set questions but is left entirely up to you to think up and share 25 facts about yourself. As a reader of my streams of consciousness blog posts, you may have already surmised that I like to generally use more than one word when I can so I enjoyed thinking up things which I could elaborate upon for this list. I'm sure a psychoanalyst would have a high-old-time scrutinising what you choose to share ...and what you omit from such a list ... so if you're a psychoanalyst, look away now please.

Here's a couple of mine:
5. I love clothes. I chose my outfits and dressed myself from being tiny. [According to my Mam – I’d refuse to wear ‘day of the week’ underwear if it had the wrong day on it!!].
6. I rarely wash my favourite pair of jeans and my back pockets are full of little bits I’ve picked up along the way.

I'm going to scrap my 25 things whether it be one at a time or whether I group them into catagories [a love of putting things in nice, ordered categories goes hand in hand with my love of a good list!]. And this is the perfect moment to begin as the latest Quirky Kit from
Crafty Templates has just gone on sale entitled 'Note to Self' and fits in splendidly with my current list focus!

This time Leo has put together an eclectic mix of journaling sheets / cards, some brand new Sassafras papers, crochet trimmings and custom items:
I have a soft spot for the acrylic button with newspaper print trapped inside it - it's like scrapping amber!!:
I think this kit might sell out pretty quick [it's so beautiful] and I thought I'd better share it with you before it does ... while I get on with scrapping my 25 things list.

Scrapping a list makes perfect sense to me. You've got a list of pre-determined topics - complete with a clear idea of what you need a photo of.

I know people say 'I'd love to see your projects related to this / that / the other' a lot, but I REALLY would love to know if you have scrapped a list / some statistics / a collection or something similar. It'd also be nice to know if you too have completed the 25 Things list and if you have or intend to scrap items from it, or generally build upon them in any form of art work or journal.

Honestly ... I really would like to see your projects, hear your plans and share your list-loves .... I swear ... I rarely bite ... please don't be shy.



  1. ooh never thought of scrapping that list - someone tagged me on Facebook for the 25 things list just today so I might have to try to come up with one!

  2. Oh! I've done this! I scrapped my 25 facts about me after I completed in on Facebook. If you'd like to take a look, you'd be most welcome.


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