Sunday, 8 March 2009

These are a few of ... favourite things. Or, to be more specific, a few of my favourite Banana Frog things which is the topic of this month's challenge on the Banana Frog blog.

Well, I say 'challenge' but it's really more of an unmitigated treat for your good selves and an impressive act of altruism from Bev. She will send out a set of stamps to 10 people who leave a comment saying which of Banana Frog's stamps are their favourites. You don't have to own them. You don't have to own any Banana Frog stamps at all! You just need to have an opinion on which is the bestest most splendidly wonderful set of Banana Frog stamp...ever!

To help you in your deliberations you can find images of all the sets by clicking on one of the categories [either Alphabets and Words or Patterns] here.

I've had a bit of a think too and have decided that of the Banana Frog stamps I own, the following are 2 of my favourites.

It's all about ...Arrows [one of the most recent releases]:
And ... Fireworks [which satisfies my desire for anything vaguely 1950s in influence]:

Below are my favourite Banana Frog stamps that I don't [as yet] own. Which, mentioning no names Bev, anyone is more than welcome to send to me!!! ;)

It's all about ...Documenting [another recent release which is filled with journaling possibilities]:

And finally there's Calendar [I just love the distressed officey-feel to that font]:

I love pointing out bargains and freebies to you all and I think that I might be turning into something of a talisman or lucky troll in these matters. For example - when I told you all that Leo [from Craftytemplates] had a blog giveaway, someone who read my post, popped over to Leo's blog, left a comment ... was picked out at random, and won the prize! Then last month Leo herself won the Banana Frog challenge!

So, consider me your lucky charm. Yet there's really no need for you to sit me on your monitor, play with my hair or rub my tummy - or whatever is you're meant to do with those trolls! Simply leave a comment for Bev at the bottom of her post on the Banana Frog blog and check back on March 28th to see if fortune has favoured you.

Off you pop then ... go and show a bit of guilt-free favouritism. :)


  1. My fave BF stamps are whirligig and fireworks - both great for backgrounds and I use whirligig for framing also. (can ya tell i'm not too adventurous LOL)

    Love your bloggie Julie ... just wish I had half your talent.

    Thanks for sharing your scrummy work

    Chris G

  2. How nice of you to say so Chris - I've edited my ramblings to say to leave your comment at the end of Bev's post - not mine. Eeek sorry, I'll let Bev know what you said so you don't miss out. I couldn't find another way to contact you :)


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