Sunday, 20 February 2011

Art Journal Challenge: Weeks 5 & 6

Hello you. Yes, you.

How's your weekend been?

Mine began with some fabulous stand-up comedy, then included a new pair of boots and a pair of shoes, some perfect cheesecake and lovely perfume; and it's about to end with this snippet of blogging followed by some sifting through magazines for interesting things to cut out for my journals. So ... all is good here.

There are 2 new topics for the weekly art journal challenge for me to catch up with on
UKStampers so I thought I'd show you my last two pages before I start any more.

Here's my response to 'What makes a perfect day?':

I couldn't pin it down to just one thing, but with blue sky, sunshine and good food I don't think you can go too far wrong can you?

The 6th prompt was to create something about 'Friends'. While flicking through a Jack Wills catalogue which was destined to be chopped up and cannibalised for interesting collagey bits ... I spotted two words which said everything I wanted to say about my friendships and thus inspired my whole page.

Which two deeply powerful and soul-reaching words were they? I'll tell you ...

Lounge + Pants:

Lounge pants! Such a great term and indeed a great addition to any comfy evening [I'm wearing a pair right now in fact. Zebra striped to be specific.]

But back to the art journaling ...

I knew I wanted to use those words along with a few of the images from the catalogue and so all I had to do was create a background for them ... and think of how to fit that very particular term on to the page:

And then it came to me: 'Friends are the people you wear lounge pants in front of'.

If you're unsure if someone is your friend, ask yourself 'would I wear my loungepants in front of them?'. If the answer is yes ... it's safe to say you can count them as a friend.

Disclaimer: This is true the majority of the time.

I know you can't always vouch for who sees you in them. Sometimes while you're still decked out in the pants-of-lounge non-friends drop by unnanounced, and sometimes you nip out to put something in the bin wearing them. And my postman has clapped eyes on mine from time to time [my lounge pants people! Keep your mind out of the gutter!], yet that doesn't really make me and
'The Bald One in the Van Who Knows Me' true friends now!

But overall ... I think my argument stands true!

Happy lounging.

I'll see you soon.

Julie x

p.s: If you're planning to join in with a Month in Numbers post of your own this month ... don't forget to jot down a few of those vital February statistics! eg: how many Valentine's cards you got ... etc


  1. Fab stuff.... I need new pants of lounge!

  2. ....mmmmmm I had to open the door to the postman in my lounge pants (jammies) only last week :)

  3. I'd like a national lounge pants day. Your jpurnal pages says it all.

  4. Better for postie to see you in your lounge pants than a barely there towel. *cringe* Yes. Been there, even worse, at the time they all knew me as my Dad was a postie too! Thank GAWD it wasn't him delivering that day but it WAS a very impirtant parcel so the door had to be opened!

  5. Lounge pants are one of those things I keep threatening to buy but haven't. But if you are okay with me wearing them - I'd say that's a green light :)


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