Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tag art-journal: A Few Freaky Friends

Hello, hello.

I've got some freaky friends to introduce you to today. It's my turn to create for Scattered Scarlet - the 3DJean blog today - and this is what I've been making with the new range of Onirie papers plus Shimmerz paints and spray inks:

I've been on a few Design Teams now and - for what it's worth - in my experience if you don't make things you love or would make anyway, even if you weren't on the DT ... then it can become too much of a 'job'. and who wants crafting to feel like hard work?

All of which is another subtle way for me to say I'm a little bit in love with this book I've made! [I'm going for honesty over modesty here ... ].

I've decorated each page of an old tag book I received in a stash swap last year before adding in some art-journal style figures.

If you want to see how I made the backgrounds then hop over to my DT post here for the full details:

Have you worked out what all the little metal tabs are from yet?

They're from the ends of tape-measures and, when you tend to make things that aren't tape measures out of things that are tape measures ... as I do ... then you end up with a little collection of spare tabs! They just happened to be in my 'bit bag' when I was making these pages and suddenly I found a use for them!

Now here's the first of the 'freaky friends' who are going to populate each page:

I like nothing more than sitting with a pile of magazines, catalogues and scraps of paper on my knee ...

and seeing what - or who - leaps out at me:

I'll share some more freaks with you when I've made them!
I found a lovely mountain goat on Saturday who's just desparate to sprout wings and be added to my circle of friends ...

Don't forget to visit me at Jean's and I'll see you soon.

Julie :-)


  1. fab freaks there Julie, really lovely them

  2. Great bunch of friends you have there Julie !! Love the book !

  3. Y'know, for a minute that title had me worried (ahem)...

    Getting over myself, though, I totally adore the freaks so far. Your collages get more and more wonderful every time.


  4. Really like those backgrounds and your tape-measure tabs. I'm a little squeamish about dolls and heads and dismembered bodies but can appreciate your skill and talent in making your freakish friends!

  5. They are just fabulous! I love them, it always amazes me the fab images people find for these collages - and then the even fabber end results!


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